Sunday, August 23, 2015

Scourge, A Sappy Love Story with a Slimy Parasite

We don't discuss enough cute, boy meets girl stories on this blog.  Today we will rectify that discrepancy by examining 2008's "Scourge."  Why not include a lovelorn young lady who is into scrapbooking and cheesy jewelry into our modern horror stories. Like many a romance novel, we will throw in a hunk, misunderstood by everyone else, and together, boy and girl will fall for each other. Even without a slimy, tentacled, and toothy parasite, we have a story that will appeal to us all.  Well, perhaps I exaggerate.
Scott (Nic Rhind), a hunk, rides back into town on his motorcycle.  His first stop?  Jesse (Robyn Ledoux), a really cute young lady, is happy to see her old flame.  Uh oh!  Though Scott falls instantly for, the now all grown up, Jesse, he has a date with the sultry Lydia.  Fortunately for Jesse, a chain of events begins which will have Lydia (Marina Pasqua) infected by a slimy, monstrous parasite, and dead before the day is out. old church has burned down.  Unbeknownst to anyone, kept in the bowels of the old house of worship is a creature that likes to take over bodies, use them, discard them, and find another host.  Unfortunately for Scott, the first few corpses found, in very bloody fashion,  just happen to be people he has motives to kill.  Now Scott is on the run, and the only one who believes his innocence is Jesse.  
The creature goes through townspeople like lice through a public school.  As Scott and Jesse fall in love, people in Scott's vicinity keep dropping.  Jesse uses her brains and conducts an investigation in order to uncover the true history and nature of our monster.  Now on the offensive, Jesse tries to prove Scott's innocence and concoct a method to kill her nemesis.  Some clever CGI and spurting gore will make this a love story you might want to view.
The acting is good, and the monster is menacing.  Don't worry...whenever this appears to tilt too heavily into a romance novel type of plot, a blood soaked, parasite infested victim buys the farm in most gory fashion.  Available on Netflix, treat yourself to a film, beautifully shot in British Columbia, "Scourge."

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