Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mutiny in Outer Space, Killer Fauna Chasing Space Damsels

A perfect combo!  Heroic astronauts, beautiful space-damsels, and an alien moss determined to take over a space station are included in 1965's "Mutiny in Outer Space."  This sleeper is very well acted and written with plenty of horror and red-hot romance. Set in the 1990s and containing some steamy lip-locks between the stars William Leslie and Dolores Faith, this film will have you screaming one moment and looking for a cold shower the next.
Returning to Earth from some space exploration, Major Gordon Towers (Leslie) and Cpt. Webber (Carl Crow) stop off at a space station with some samples of moon fauna from a lunar ice cave.  They are guided in by the beautiful Lt. Connie Engstrom (Pamela Curran).  This space-babe has her sights on the station commander, Col. Cromwell (Richard Garland).  Uh oh, Cpt. Webber has an annoying itch..little does he know, a lunar moss has infected him.  Maj. Towers has a sultry main squeeze waiting for him on the space station, Faith Montaine (Faith).  Faith is the bio-chemist on the station and waits for Towers in his bed chamber. As the two get down to business, they are interrupted. Cpt. Webber has collapsed, and is being overtaken by a strange moss.  Dr. Hoffman (James Dobson) and Lt .Engstrom get him to sick bay, but Col. Cromwell denies anything weird is occurring.  Cromwell is obviously sick, a la Cpt. Queeg, and fears his station will be quarantined.  
Sensing Towers will disagree with his command decisions, Cromwell orders all communications with Earth to stop and for Towers to be confined to his cabin.  Towers tries to take command, but a meteor shower wounds the station causing moss to grow out of control.  As Cpt. Webber dies and the moss chases Faith, daring plans are formulated, but will it be too late?  With more of the crew infected, and Cromwell insane, Towers must escape his confinement, save Faith, kiss her some more, and hatch a scheme to repel the moss.  
The space-men are hunks and the space-women are statuesque in this effective sci-fi thriller.  Suspenseful, steamy, and quick-paced, you will forget that this film is low-budget.  Treat yourself to a wild space ride and find "Mutiny in Outer Space" on YouTube.  

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