Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Bloody Judge, Christopher Lee and Women in Bondage

Ah, the year 1685! William of Orange is on the verge of seizing the throne in England, but not before many of his collaborators and some buxom witches are sentenced to death. Today's movie from 1970, "The Bloody Judge" tells the story of these days in a way only Jesus Franco can.  I originally avoided this film because of it's PG rating.  However, this PG must have applied to the version that was released in America in 1972. This film on Netflix contains much gore and nudity and Maria Rohm.  Fans of this blog who view this film will remember a scene 80 minutes into it in which a nude Maria Rohm licks the entire body, in a most sensual manner, of a nude and bloodied beauty hung in bondage in a torture chamber.  Yep...English history as told by the master of erotic horror, Jesus Franco.
Unfortunately for Alicia (Margaret Lee), she did not get the memo that pre-marital sex is not a good idea in Christopher Lee films.  Thus she is arrested and burned after sentenced by Judge Jeffries (Lee).  Her sister Mary (Rohm) is so distraught she engages in re-marital sex in a haystack with a known fan of William of Orange (..old Bill had quite a following).  Unfortunately for Mary, her BF, Harry, is seen as a threat by Jeffries, and he seeks to execute him and have sex with her.  The bloody judge has a torture chamber filled with naked English babes in bondage and some torturers who get off on inflicting pain.  Of course, Mr. Franco puts many of these scenes in the film.  As William of Orange's armies near, Jeffries gets more evil and sex-craved.  He now orders the death of all traitors and beautiful women.
As Harry and Mary attempt to evade Jeffries men, they consult a real witch (Maria Schell).  I guess her powers were muted by the damp English weather as they are captured, anyway.  Jeffries now is determined to execute all of the prisoners without trials, and to torture all their women to death.  As Mary is stripped of all her clothes in the torture chamber, she engages in the aforementioned licking scene.  She is then bathed in a very gratuitous scene by another English babe and prepared for sex with Jeffries.  Will Mary's virginity...oh yes...that's long gone, anyway...perceived virtue be soiled by the evil judge?  Will William of Orange's troops invade in time to save Harry and his collaborators?
If you claim to be a fan of some great historical dramas like "Cromwell," "Becket," and "A Man for All Seasons," but in reality were hoping for some more violence and eroticism, "The Bloody Judge" is the film for you.  For my fans in Canada and Europe, do not tell Netflix that this Rated PG film actually contains lots of nudity and blood. 

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  1. How nice! I have that ]film in my Christopher Lee Collection. Good fun.