Monday, May 25, 2015

Mankillers, Hot Mercenaries With Big Guns and Little Clothing

Arsonists, bomb makers, murderers, prostitutes, assassins, and a renegade CIA agent are the protagonists in our film today..."Mankillers."  This exploitation film, from 1987, features beautiful babes, with lots of hair spray, firing lots of guns, and displaying attitude.  Over a dozen buxom actresses are cast in this film as a mercenary team sent into a Colombian jungle wearing clothes that are practically falling off of them as they run through jungle.  Written and directed by David A. Prior ("Aerobicide"), "Mankillers" guarantees a buxom babe, jiggling a lot, in every shot.
Mickland (William Zipp) is a CIA agent who has left the flock.  He is a drug runner in Colombia now, stealing stash from the cartels.  He pays for his drugs by kidnapping beautiful young ladies and trading them for cocaine.  He ends up killing most of these ladies, as he displays many misogynist tendencies.  The cad is smart....any CIA attempt to infiltrate his gang is found out, resulting in the death of perfectly good agents.  The CIA gets smart...McKenna (Lynda Aldon, pictured above) is brought back in.  She is given the assignment to find and kill Micklund.  The babe used to be Micklund's partner and lover, and Micklund betrayed her and left her for dead.  Yearning for revenge, McKenna assembles a vicious team of criminals, all taken from a female maximum security prison,  After a short training camp, where our team jumps up and down a lot with no bras, they head to Colombia, where they continue jumping over stuff and jiggling.  Uh oh....Micklund is waiting for them.
At first, the babes seem to have won an initial battle.  However, when Micklund arrives with reinforcements, many of the girls are captured and some are killed.  The demented gang chases one vixen down, then molest her, humiliate her, and make her beg to be "f@#$ed."  She is then shot between the eyes.  As our beauties begin to fall one by one, McKenna is captured and tied up for torture (see photo below).  Rosetti (Christine Lunde), now emerges as the inexperienced leader of the ever shrinking mercenary team.  With no leadership experience, she mounts an offensive with her few remaining cohorts in order to rescue McKenna  and the other girls, now in bondage.  More casualties will occur, but will Rosetti be able to save her leader?  
Scantily clad babes in lots of peril....the ingredients of a classic exploitation film.  This film is 100% gratuitous, as is the demise of several of the aforementioned babes. In the 1970s these films appeared at drive-ins.  In the 1980s, these jewels popped up on late night slots on the cable movie stations.  Now, this medium still exists on the straight-to-DVD circuit.  The sophisticated elites will never be able to push these films into extinction as long as people like us still seek out exploitation instead of romantic comedies.  The full movie of "Mankillers" can be seen on YouTube.  

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