Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Breeders, Alien Rapist Impregnates Coeds

A toothy, nymphomaniac monster!  A space-babe clad in revealing, shiny, tight garb.  An amorous, blonde coed who doesn't wear underwear.  A hunk art professor, all too eager to please the student body.  Yep....1997's "Breeders" (aka "Deadly Instinct") is our film today.  Instead of waiting for the next "Star Wars" bore, see this film to stroke your prurient interests. In addition to some nice creature effects, we have lots of gratuity which will be noted below.  Made in the Isle of Man (U.K.), set in Boston, this scifi exploitation work will surely titillate.
An apparent meteor crashes into an all women's college in Boston.  Instead of calling NASA...or the NSA...the janitor is charged with cleaning it up.  All the girls...and every single coed in this film is a babe...take pieces of the meteor and make jewelry.  Uh oh....this meteor was actually a ship carrying a monster and his captive space-babe (Kadamba Simmons).  Meanwhile, Ashley (Todd Jensen) begins a torrid affair with one of his students, Louise (Samantha Womack nee Janus).  Conveniently, especially for Ashley, Louise does not wear underwear.  The two will have lots of pre-marital sex.  Meanwhile, Ashley runs across a sultry space babe who runs away from him.  There will be a lot of gratuitous jiggling as she flees.  Ashley doesn't know that the monster is always close to her, and she is trying to protect Ashley by staying away from him.  Meanwhile, we get to see first hand Louise's lack of undergarments.  We also get to see Louise and the other coeds in a gratuitous nude locker room scene..then a gratuitous soapy shower scene.  Okay..let's focus...the monster begins to abduct coeds and place them in cocoons in order to breed with them.
As the fiend abducts all the coeds, who are clad in lingerie and PJs...Ashley and Louise decide to act.  Meanwhile, the space-babe's attempts to save anyone wandering into the creature's lair (the basement of the college) meet wit failure.  A whole Boston Police SWAT team is wiped out.  Louise will be momentarily possessed by the creature giving way to a nice cat-fight between her and the space-babe. The sexy Louise finds some shotguns, and together with her forbidden love, the two take the fight to the alien rapist. If they are successful, the soon to be fired art professor stands to gain the hottest coed in the college and and one beautiful space-babe.  Neither the babe or Louise seem to mind this prospect.  If they fail, the space-babe and Louise will be put in cocoons, like all the coeds, and used to incubate the alien eggs.
Is Ashley's proclivity to engage in pre-marital sex with his students indicative of the treachery women face at institutions of higher learning?  Can a slimy, toothy monster from a far off galaxy find happiness in a college orgy?  I guess that's an easy one.  "Breeders" is a fun film and the ending is wild.  Available on Netflix, enjoy this guilty pleasure. 

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  1. This is also a guilty pleasure of mine. Great review, totally agree my friend.