Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nazis at the Center of the Earth, The 3rd Reich at the South Pole

Lilan Bowden (pictured below) is a beautiful young actress with terrific screen appeal.  She exudes energy, playfulness, smarts, and personality in her role as May Yun in today's feature, 2012's "Nazis at the Center of the Earth."  After watching her in this film, I am looking forward to her future works.  Sadly, she is listed sixth in the credits, and all you B Movie aficionados know what this means.  In B Movies, the character listed sixth in the credits suffers the goriest, and most ominous death (that is if you call having a scalp cut off and brain pulled out, gory).  May's demise in this flick is representative of the gore and carnage in NATCOFE.  Sure to affect your stomach, today's blog subject piles on the gore, and concludes with a most ambitious ending.
The plot:  A scientific expedition in Antarctica, headed by Dr. Reistad (Jack Busey, Gary's son), takes an unexpected turn.  Two of the lead scientists (Paige and Mark) are abducted by Nazis wearing gas masks near a drilling platform.  The rest of the team goes looking for them and falls into a hole and ends up in an oasis with a temperate climate.  Meanwhile, Dr. Mengele (Christopher Karl Johnson) prepares to operate (without anesthesia) on the two doctors he captured.  He rips off Mark's face and puts it on a Nazi soldier.  The Nazis escaped to Antarctica immediately after the war and need human body parts and bones replenished regularly.  Unfortunately for our team, Dr. Reistad is in cahoots with Mengele, and lures attractive young scientists to his snowy outpost in order to supply them to the surviving Nazis, who use their body parts.
Reistad and Mengele have a master plan....find a way to make Hitler immune to hypothermia.  See, Mengele smuggled Hitler's head out of Germany and has attached it to a super-robot that shoots lasers and bullets.  Mengele experiments with May in order to extract her brain fluid...but this does not work...especially for May.  Then when Reistad finds out his own girlfriend, Silge (Marlene Okner) is pregnant with their child, he vacuums out the fetus and uses fetal tissue...and this works.  Now Hitler is ready.  Meanwhile, Paige (Dominique Swain) has convinced Mengele she is German, and sympathetic to "the cause."  She even lets him feel her up...yuck!  Hitler's plan?  Get this; the Nazi's have built a super airship which will attack non-Aryan nations with missiles armed with flesh-eating bacteria.  Paige to the rescue!  She frees her boyfriend just before dissection and together they search for a way to stop the attack and kill Hitler.  Part of her plan is sass, and at one point yells to Hitler, "Come on you bobble headed, zombie, Nazi, son of a b@#%h."
This movie will even have the non-squeamish averting their gaze.  Mengele skins one poor sap, and we see it all.  When Reistad sucks his own child out of Silge with a vacuum device, some may decide this flick crosses the proverbial line.  As far as over-the-top action...we have a ten foot tall robotic Hitler who shoots machine guns and laser beams, decapitates prisoners, and barks out narcissistic inanities.  We even have a Nazi spaceship battling the U.S. Air Force.  Will Paige's rebellion be in time to stop the Nazi attack on the free world?  Will May's brain eventually be used for good?  See this film, at very least, it will entertain.     


  1. And here I thought this was a documentary the whole time...

  2. What cracks me up is that many people have branded NATCOTE "gorenography" but I guarantee it is a LOT less bloody and over the top than most eighties films (and nowhere near today's surgical precision mayhem)... the difference is that compared to a lot of blood fests of today there is a great deal of deliberate tension built up before the most famous one (the face) and, of course, Lilan's bloody brain tendrils are something I'd always wanted to do visceral-visually. Glad they seemed to work! :-) Joseph J. Lawson, Director