Friday, August 8, 2014

Dead in Tombstone, Danny Trejo is Hellbent on Revenge

Continuing our revenge theme, we turn to this bloody jewel currently on Netflix, 2013's "Dead in Tombstone." This film mixes the wild west with the supernatural, and features Mickey Rourke as the devil, Anthony Michael Hall (looking more like Malcolm McDowell than a character in a John Hughes film) as an evil sheriff, Dina Meyer ("Starship Troopers") as a sassy widow looking for revenge....and best of all, Danny Trejo as our anti-hero.  Atmospheric, complete with saloons, dirt streets, and Gatling guns, fans of westerns and horror will love this this movie.
The plot:  Guerrero de la Cruz (Trejo) is about to face the gallows when his cohorts, The Blackwater Gang, rides in with guns blazing and effects his escape.  All wanted men, the gang is now hiding in the mountains of Colorado.  Red (Hall) is the gang leader, and half brother of Guerrero.  Red has a score in mind...the town of Edendale.  Gold has just been found in Edendale's mines, and while the claim on the mine is disputed, the gold is being stored in the local bank.  The gang rides in and easily robs the bank of the gold, but in the process, murders the sheriff in front of his wife, Calathea (Meyer). Guerrero did not want any killing, and tries to stop Red from shooting the sheriff, but Red and the gang empty their revolvers into him.  With Guerrero dead, Red decides to stay in town, mine more gold, and make himself the new sheriff and mayor.  Guerrero descends into Hell and is met by the devil (Rourke), who tortures him before making a deal.
The deal?  To avoid eternal damnation, Guerrero offers to deliver the souls of the six gang members (including Red) who murdered him. The devil agrees, but gives Guerrero only 24 hours to do the task, and the six must be killed by him, not anyone else.  Our menacing looking protagonist is sent back, and instantly disposes of two of his former partners in mayhem.  Calathea, still wanting revenge for the murder of her husband joins up with Guerrero.  Together they must kill the remaining four.  Not so easy, Red has allied himself with some corrupt, and heavily armed U.S. Marshals.  As Trejo puts his former colleagues in pine coffins, Red's defenses are fortified.  Guerrero must also battle some tender feelings he begins to develop for Calathea, which are softening his gunfighter's resolve.
Will love jeopardize Guerrero's ability to escape an eternity of torment and torture?  Will the devil keep his end of the bargain if Guerrero succeeds?   The acting is superb.  Dina Meyer is always terrific on screen, and Anthony Michael Hall as a crusty, evil old-west, villain, is superb.  Danny Trejo is perfect and fires lots of guns, and wrecks much havoc in his pursuit to save his own soul.  Filmed in Romania, the old west sets are terrific.  See "Dead in Tombstone" in order to get your fill of the supernatural and the old west.

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