Monday, August 18, 2014

All Cheerleaders Die, The Pep Squad of the Succubi

2013's "All Cheerleaders Die" was the most awaited film of this year by fans of this blog.  The title suggests a can't-miss B Movie, and that is what we get.  Filled with beautiful young actresses, lots of gore, witchcraft, succubus carnage, and energetic cheer routines, ACD is currently on Netflix.  Oh yes, my favorite actress in this film is Reanin Johannink, who plays Martha, is listed sixth in the credits.  We all know what that means....the goriest death of course.  Sadly, she is killed in a car crash, comes back to life, is gang raped by football players, knifed in the gut and throat, and oh yes...has her beautiful body switched with the nerd mascot...not necessarily in that order.
The plot:  High school nerd, Maddy (Caitlin Stasey), is doing a film project.  She is putting together a video on Alexis (Felisha Cooper), the cheerleader captain.  Alexis is deep, and gives her fans words of wisdom, "take basic classes (not honors classes), show up on time, and look hot."  During a cheer-leading routine, caught on Maddy's video camera, Alexis lands on her head and is killed.  Tracy (Brooke Butler) is now the captain of the squad and immediately starts dating Alexis' boyfriend, Terry (Tom Williamson), the football team captain.  Maddy, full of hate for the stuck-up cheerleaders, glams up, tries out for the team and makes it.  Her motive is to exact revenge on her shallow team-mates.  Pretending she likes her new arrogant friends, Maddy drives away her former best bud, Leena (Sianoa Smit-McPhee), who is a witch (literally). 
Uh oh...change of plans.  Instead of maintaining her hate for Tracy, the new captain, Maddy falls in love with her.  No matter, when Leena sees Maddy and Tracy making out in a graveyard, she puts some curse on them.  When the cheerleader party is invaded by the football jocks, Tracy is slugged by her boyfriend, Terry, and confesses her attraction of Maddy to him.  A brawl erupts and all the cheerleaders flee in their car, pursued by the irate football jocks.  Their car plunges into a river and Maddy, Tracy, Martha (Johannick), and Hannah (Amanda Grace Cooper) are killed.  Leena recovers their bodies and uses magic crystals to bring them back to life as succubi.  One other minor problem, sexy Martha is now in the body of her nerd sister, and vice/versa.  Bigger problem...the girls are now succubi and need the blood and life-force of others to nourish themselves.  Now clad in tight, red and black leather cheer-leading outfits, they return to school in order to seduce, and then suck the life out of the football players who drove them off the road.  With Maddy and Tracy hot for each other, and Hannah and Martha coping with their new bodies, bickering ensues.  Leena implores them to stay unified, but lets face it, these are shallow high school  girls.  As they are about to go to war with each other, a new evil force is introduced into the plot with the intention of hunting down our lovelies.  
As the cheerleaders start getting picked off, our succubi begin acting like teen-aged girls again.  Will they pull themselves together and mount a fight against their new foe?  The actresses are all beautiful and their acting is terrific.  Certainly not a film one would bring up in mixed company, in the boardroom, or your kids soccer games. However, if you want to see a movie that you will enjoy so much you will want to watch it again....see "All Cheerleaders Die."

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