Monday, January 6, 2014

Storage 24, Lava lamp, Bearskin Rug, Baseball Cards, Homicidal Alien....

Divorce, bankruptcy, eviction, hording disorders, and hiding contraband are all valid reasons to rent a storage locker.  They are also contributing factors to horrible nightmares.  So why not have a horror movie set in a storage facility?  Highest marks for Noel Clarke (who also stars) and Davie Fairbanks for picking up on this and writing 2012's "Storage 24."  The moral of this movie is a bit of logic I have been espousing for years, if you are gonna put your junk in a storage facility, just bring it to the dump instead.  This way, you won't get your face bitten off by an alien with mandibles.
The plot:  A mysterious plane explodes over London, strewing debris all over the city.  A weird box containing a monstrous ET lands inside a storage facility.  The crash landing breaks open the box, releasing an irate monster.  Trapped inside the facility are several Londoners.  Charlie (Noel Clarke), his buddy, Shelley, and her two friends.  Awkward, even without the creature, as Shelley has just broken up with Charlie and both have converged on their rented locker to claim their possessions.  Scary enough without our friend from another world, but he is hungry and starts hunting them down after eating the facility's employees.  Now, these warring parties must work together to survive and kill the ET.  Creature plot twists, and ever more scary, affairs of the heart plot twists converge to make their experience most horrific.
Noel Clarke gets an A+ on two fronts: coming up with the idea for this film and his acting. Clarke's portrayal as a sniveling, self-absorbed loser who turns into a hero is one that has us really caring for his plight.  The alien is cool, and the supporting cast does a nice job.  Laura Haddock, as Nikki, emerges as a head-strong woman refusing to be a meal for the ET, has us cheering for her as well.  After watching the previews for the new Hercules movie, I can guarantee all of you that "Storage 24" on Netflix will be a much more rewarding experience, and a lot less expensive.

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