Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Prey, France vs. Razorback

If 1984's "Razorback" was for the Pabst Blue Ribbon crowd, 2010's "Prey" ("Proie") is for the Chardonnay clique.  This French film, with subtitles (yes...another opportunity for you to appear smart) is one of the wildest and goriest films you will see.  With lots of razorback carnage, a menacing musical score, and fine acting, this gem from France deserves your attention on Netflix.
The plot:  A farming family in Lemans discover mutilated deer (see below) on their farm.  This family has sold much of their land to the proverbial evil corporation which erected a fertilizer factory on it.  Claire (Berenice Bejo from "The Artist") is a chemist at the plant, and for some reason is worried.  Not only is she pregnant, but she knows she must fix the fertilizer formula (...but why?).  Nathan (Gregoire Colin) is a family friend and doctor who loves Claire (and impregnated her).  He joins Claire's dad and brother, and the owner of the evil corporation for a hunt to kill the razorbacks that attacked the deer.  This hunt doesn't go well, as the hunting dog is quickly eaten and the scoundrels start picking off the hunters.  The hunters find the lake and realize something from the factory is spilling into it.  To their horror, they find the mommy razorback (mutated) dying, and hear it's litter beyond the trees.  Uh-oh....isn't Claire pregnant?  The litter of mutated razorbacks then converge.  All hunting safety rules are then abandoned as the surviving party run in horror.
 Will Nathan survive to marry Claire?  Will Claire's baby squeal and cause havoc?  Are there enough guns in France to fend off this murderous horde?  This is a must-see horror movie.  Wild and at times claustrophobic, "Prey" is not for the squeamish.  Instead of watching Ms. Bejo in "The Artist," watch her in France's answer to "Razorback."

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