Friday, January 10, 2014

Embrace of the Vampire, The Black Swan meets Buffy

Many of you  who endured "The Black Swan" claimed to have liked it, only to appear sophisticated.  Point of fact, it wasn't a horrible movie, but ballet is not your thing, and Natalie Portman seemed moody and strange.  Today's entry, 2013's "Embrace of the Vampire" is the film for you.  It is the "The Black Swan" with vampires and slayers instead of ballet dancers.
The plot:  Charlotte (Sharon Hinnendael) has just arrived at North Summit College, located in the mountains of British Columbia.  She has no parents, and is on a full scholarship for fencing.  Apparently NSC is a powerhouse in women's fencing, as they have about 40 babes on the squad, and are coached by a handsome Professor Cole (who is probably a vampire, and played by Victor Webster).  Charlotte is informed by a weirdo in a coffee shop that she is the latest in a long blood line of vampire slayers, and she has arrived at NSC to kill some vampire.  Clean cut Charlotte reacts to this information as many of us would, by behaving badly, neglecting academics, drinking, and trolling for boy or girl friends.
Realizing she must now watch her back, Charlotte must defend against naughty coeds, too smooth boyfriends, a faculty advisor who is afraid of light, and gory hallucinations.  Worst of all, her English Literature professor and coach is a 300 year old vampire who wants to turn her into one.  Will she maintain a GPA worthy of a full scholarship?  Will her fencing abilities be enough to fend off bloodsuckers?  Will North Summit College win their sixth women's college fencing title?
 This is the best fencing movie in the last 20 years!  Fans of vampire movies will enjoy this film.  The unrated DVD copy contains a lot of gore, thus this film is not for the squeamish.   Forget "The Black Swan" and see "Embrace of the Vampire."

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