Friday, November 29, 2013

The Corpse Grinders, Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

People who hate cats will utter this warning, "If you die, your dog will guard your body.  However, if you die and have cats, the cats will eat your body."  Hence Ted V. Mikels' 1971 classic B movie, The Corpse Grinders.  Just the title and the box art on the DVD are enough to give this work a thumbs up.  Okay, the acting isn't great, but how many of today's A-listers can act?

The plot:  A gourmet cat food company realizes that sales increase when they add human remains to the cat food.  The cats love it.  The company uses a couple of geek-ish grave robbers to supply the human bodies, which are then put through a meat grinder and added to the cat delicacy.  Coincidentally, a doctor and his beautiful nurse notice that they are treating a lot more people who have been viciously attacked by their pet Tabbys.  See, once the cat tastes human will never again settle for Purina.  The nurse, played by Monika Kelly, first traces this conspiracy to the cat food factory.  When she is discovered it is a race against time to save her from the meat grinder.

The Corpse Grinders throws in lots of elements we like to see in our B horror movies.  Meat Grinders. Grave robbers.  A beautiful nurse in peril.  Attacking animals. Gore.  This flick may not have the smoothest plot, but you B movie lovers won't regret seeing it instead of those purple smurfs in Avatar.

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