Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Razorback, A Sad Piece of Australian History for Janis Joplin

In 1984, Russell Mulcahy (Resident Evil: Extinction and Highlander) directed Razorback, a gem from Australia.  Beautifully filmed in the haunting outback with dream-like scenery.  A gigantic monster Razorback terrorizes the continent, knocking down homes and eating children.  Enter Gregory Harrison's (Trapper John MD) new fiancé.  An annoying woman who travels to the outback from her posh NYC flat in order to expose the greatest injustice of her time, the killing of razorbacks.  Fortunately for us, the viewer, she is eaten by this creature soon after her arrival.
Gregory Harrison then travels to the land down under to look for his snotty fiancé.  In a heartwarming scene, he finds her diamond ring in a pile of razorback dung.  Instead of grieving, he hooks up with the first woman he meets in this god-forsaken land, the lovely Arkie Whiteley.  Ms. Whiteley's character is much more appealing than his former fiancé, and together they hunt the creature.  Also hunting the creature is a Quint-like figure who witnessed his grandson being hauled off by the giant hog thing.  His one-liners are fantastic, and his passion for killing these creatures is inspiring.  Of course, a very exciting and horrific conclusion awaits the viewer, which I will not spoil for you.
The beautiful Arkie Whiteley (The Road Warrior and A Town Like Alice) died at the age of 37 (cancer).  This British actress, in her youth had a very famous baby sitter, Janis Joplin.  Her role as a beautiful, but tough resident of the outback is a perfect match for the very clean cut character of Gregory Harrison.  This flick is not to be missed!


  1. One of the best movies to come out of Australia since Crocodile Dundee

  2. Never seen it, but your review has sent me scampering for a little Razorback carnage that's not by way of Arkansas...go Hogs! BBQ anyone?