Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Super Hybrid, Best Movie Ever From Saskatchewan

You gotta like losers!  We all have some loser in us.  Losers have traits we can all relate to.  So when I saw Super Hybrid (2010), I was instantly captivated by the characters....all losers!  In short, this is a movie about a monster squid that disguises itself as a car.  People willingly get into the car (squid) and the car turns back into a squid and eats them.  Now come on, doesn't this sound better than the most recent Sandra Bullock movies?

Our heroine Tilda (Shannon Beckner) has an idiot boyfriend who refuses to get a job.  She works at an impound lot in the middle of the city.  Loser!  She doesn't even own a car!  Her boss (Oded Fehr) is a war veteran who docks his employees for the personal phone calls they make.  The monster squid is towed to their impound facility after it is in an accident in an intersection.

Through a series of circumstances, the employees of the facility are cut off from all communications.  When it becomes apparent that a monster is tracking them down in this dingy facility, someone must take charge.  Oded Fehr assumes leadership status.  However, for the first time in her life, Tilda rises to the occasion.  Frustrations of relationships, dead end jobs, being bossed around by Oded Fehr finally gets to her and she tells our war vet that he is no leader, he is just a bully. 

Armed with her motorcycle and improvised weapons, Tilda wages war on the monster car.  How can anyone not like this movie?  If you had no patience for any Meryl Streep movies, this is a movie for you.  Again, better than anything Kevin Costner or Harrison Ford have done over the past 25 years.

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