Sunday, February 28, 2021

Violated, Serial Killer with a Hair Fetish

It is kind of Film Noir. It is kind of Art House. It is kind of Psychotronic (whatever that means). Gritty, jazzy, and quirky is the order of the day for 1953's "Violated," directed by Walter Strate. Set in New York City, and heavy on nubile and trashy dames (getting murdered), this film delves heavily into the psychology of this sex fiend and his hatred for beautiful women. 

A beautiful prostitute (Sally Peters) brings a man to her apartment. She undresses and he attacks. The fiend murders with a scissors and cuts all the hair off the corpse. Oh yes...he takes the hair with him. This scene will play out repeatedly in this film and now a detective, Mack (Mitchell Kowall) is on the case. He consults a psychiatrist, Dr. Jason (Jason Niles). Jason tells Mack the killer is a sex fiend and there are tens of thousands of sex fiends in New York City. No kidding. Now we're introduced to a couple of suspects. A patient of Dr. Jason's, a sex fiend in remission named George (Fred Lambert) begins following nubile beauties around the city. Then there is fashion photographer, Jan (William Holland). Jan is a creepy guy with an eye for babes.

In a suspicious move, Jan convinces the amateur model, and beautiful Susan (Vicki Carlson) to pose for his studio of course. All seems fine and she kind of likes him. Jan, however, likes stripper Lili (Lili Dawn). He goes to see her every show and visits her in her dressing room. She strings him along but he believes she loves him. Babes keep dying and losing their hair to the killer. As Jan gets more infatuated with the burlesque queen (stripper), she dumps him. Now Jan is getting unsettled. Oh yes...remember George? He's still following beauties, The naïve Susan has no clue that Jan has shot models before who have ended up dead and scalped...but Mack finds this out. Now Mack is chasing two suspects.

Does Lili the burlesque queen (stripper) have any shot at surviving this film? If there were tens of thousands of sex fiends in New York City in many are there now? Why is the killer scalping his prey...might it be an aversion to Alberto VO5? Film Noir fans will love this fast paced thriller. The beautiful will die horribly in a film that could have very well been remade in 1970s Italy. For some alluring and vicious horror, see "Violated."  

To see VIOLATED for free of the FORGOTTEN HORROR YouTube channel, click this link VIOLATED 1953

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  1. Jumping to an obvious conclusion, this film predicted that Clinton and his wife would dispose of their enemies in the same way, bravo, thanks for finding the missing link, to the Clinton's murderous brutality.