Saturday, February 6, 2021

Killdozer, Hunks Battle Heavy Machinery

Nothing says shocking horror like "ABC's made-for-TV movie!" I'm being sarcastic, of course. Audiences agreed and didn't watch the 1974 network offering. The odd people who did watch this were not impressed. Still, 1974's "Killdozer" is a fun film that hit the TV long before Stephen King wrote "Trucks." Divorced men will love this film...a lot like "John Carpenter's The Thing," no females appear. No gratuitous shower pre-marital sex...see, 'cancel culture' was alive and well during the Nixon Administration. To see "Killdozer" free on Dark Matter TV click on this link WATCH KILLDOZER .

A meteor crashes into an island off the African coast. The glowing blue thing falls onto this deserted island occupied only by a six-man construction crew. The job foreman, Kelly (Clint Walker) tries to move the meteor with the K9 bulldozer. Mistake. The meteor shoots a burst of energy into Mac (Robert Urich), killing him. Now, unbeknownst to Kelly and the rest of the crew, the meteor's alien presence moves into the K9, possessing it. Kelly loses control of the K9 after Mac falls and he cuts the gas line. This won't work.

Kelly doesn't have the respect of his crew. He is an alcoholic who still sees pink elephants. Knowing this, Kelly doesn't tell anyone there is a bulldozer running amok. The K9 re-animates and begins attacking the remaining crew. It destroys their campsite and radio. Chub (Neville Brand) and the cynical Dennis (Carl Betz) are sympathetic to Kelly. Dutch (James Wainwright) isn't a fan of Kelly but he is half insane, anyway. The big machine chases down more crew members and now the beset crew is on the run. The island is small and the K9 can build roads wherever it decides to go. Now the survivors have to come up with a plan to survive and kill the alien machine. Oh cell signal (it is 1974!), and dynamite won't work.

Square-jawed hunks who have no humor...this worked in 1974 Made-For-TV movies...or the original "Hawaii 5-0." Still, it is refreshing to watch. Just what does this alien presence want on this deserted island? Will anyone on the crew try to communicate with the alien? Of course not! These are real men! For a manly good time without any care for a woman's feelings or desire for empowerment...see "Killdozer," directed by Jerry London.  

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  1. No skin dipping, humorless hunks, sounds like a Stephen King novel!! Spitting fireballs, I like that image alot, especially if it's spitting at the ship of the babes in space!!