Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Amityville: A New Generation, Artists and Demons

Renaissance Era Italian monk, Jean de Richeleau is famous for saying "Vanity is the pathway to possession." What a better lead in to a film about a mirror spreading demonic possession through a building housing young artists. Okay, I just made all of that up, but we do have a neat one about a mirror that does indeed spread the evils of the Amityville mass murder. Today we delve into 1993's "Amityville: A New Generation." You guys and gals will each be pleased as we have some nice beefcake and cheesecake, though some won't fare terribly well, I'm afraid.
Keyes (Ross Partridge) is a struggling artist, and very unlikable. As is true in real life, the unlikable losers have hot girlfriends, enter Llanie (Lala Sloatman). She adores him and has a lot of pre-marital sex with the loser. Also living in the apartment building is Suki (Julia Nickson), an Asian babe who we like a lot. Richard Roundtree also lives here, but we won't mention him again. Uh oh, a weird homeless man gives Keyes a mirror. Yep, unbeknownst to the loser Keyes, this mirror is from the Amityville House and it saw the famous mass murder. Now the mirror will possess some of the artists, one at a time and lead them to a gruesome demise.
Sadly, Suki takes a liking to the mirror and it makes her a nymphomaniac (yes!!!) deviant artist. She'll paint lots of demons and be tricked into hanging herself. The landlord, Dick (David Naughton) is sad because the possessed Suki just gave him the best sex he will ever have. Okay, as Llanie keeps giving Keyes a lot of pre-marital sex, Keyes begins to find out about his mysterious past. Yep, he is the son of a mass murderer and seems destined to commit mass murder, too...this will put Llanie in much peril. Llanie comes up with a really stupid idea to break Keyes' cursed destiny, but because she is so hot...we excuse her. As the demons seem to take more control of Keyes, Llanie and the other artist tenants, seem to be destined for a similar fate as the previous victims in the Amityville House.
Can Llanie's idea, however stupid, free Keyes from his homicidal destiny? Is there another film idea out there that could better utilize the character of Suki, the Asian-babe, nympho, suicidal hot-mess? If Keyes is saved by the aforementioned stupid idea, will the smoking hot Llanie dump him for someone with earning potential? This is actually a good horror film with a superb cast (acting wise and allure-wise). For some neat possession horror fun and scares, see "Amityville: A New Generation."

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  1. Great review, it's the thinking man's horror movie, well explained, you took me there!