Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Strip Nude for Your Killer, and Everyone Else

Strip nude for your killer, for your heterosexual lover, for your lesbian lover, for your bosses husband, for your boss, and anyone else who wanders onto the camera. Hence 1975's "Strip Nude for Your Killer," an Italian horror yarn directed by Andrea Bianchi. As so many of these types of films, we will have lots of sizzling fashion models in much peril and always nude. Sadly, their survival prospects here are negligible.
Evelyn, a sultry fashion model {NUDE ON OPERATING TABLE} dies during an abortion. That night, her doctor is gutted. Fast forward to a health spa where Carlo (Nino Castelnuovo) meets Lucia (Femi Benussi). The two will hit it off {NUDE IN A SAUNA} and have pre-marital sex in the steam bath. Carlo, a fashion photographer, brings Lucia back to his agency and agency boss Gisella (Amanda), takes a liking to Lucia {NUDE DURING LESBIAN SEX}. Gisella hires beautiful models and as a condition, they must all have sex with her while she beats and humiliates them. Magda {NUDE ALWAYS} (Edwige Fenech) loves Carlo and always have pre-marital sex with him. Bad news, the killer strikes again killing mostly beautiful models. The {NUDE WHILE DYING} models are gutted and have their breasts cut off.
Gisella's fat husband also buys it {MERCIFULLY NOT NUDE} after he tries to rape Doris {NUDE WHILE RAPED}. Meanwhile Carlo shows some misogynistic tendencies, but this only turns on Magda {NUDE ALWAYS}. As more models drop from this cursed agency, Magda {NUDE ALWAYS} has more pre-marital sex with Carlo as the two try to solve the mystery...before they end up dead {NUDE WHILE A CORPSE}. Uh oh, the sultry lesbian Gisella may be being blackmailed and Magda {NUDE ALWAYS} and Carlo are on to it. As more models {NUDE ON A MOTORCYCLE} catch the eye of the killer, the suspect pool gets smaller and smaller.
Could Magda {NUDE ALWAYS} or Carlo be the killer? Is Gisella's violent and domineering treatment of her models a motive for the killings? Would this film be worth anything if everyone stayed fully clothed? {NUDE IN A DARKROOM}. "Strip Nude for Your Killer" is Italian horror sexploitation at its nudest level. The ending will be typical, but the deviance and taboo of it will leave a mark on the purist of nudes. For lots of blood and gratuitous nudity, catch "Strip Nude for Your Killer."   


  1. Sweet review Christopher I really need to revisit this one as I haven't seen it in years & didn't appreciate Gialli at the time, the way I do now. Besides a Giallo directed by dude who did Burial Ground AND starring the lovely Edwige Fenech demands a revisit, might check it out again next weekend along with Strange Vice of Mrs Ward which I shamefully still haven't seen yet. Nice review again mate :)

  2. I think this is a fine Giallo movie I feel it came out the same year as Jaws(1975) and David Cronenberg's Shivers(1975)