Saturday, March 10, 2018

Bullet Head, Cujo vs. Reservoir Dogs

Man's best friend. The dog! Loyal companions just looking to love us, even though we don't deserve that devotion. Then some slime bag like Michael Vick comes around and perverts that relationship. A year in prison was too good for Vick who returned to his pampered life in the corrupt NFL (National Football League). Many of the dogs he exploited were put down, but the NFL took great care of Michael Vick...quite an injustice. I for one am happy to see the NFL falling from grace, hopefully their downward descent will continue. Hence, a film from 2017, currently on Netflix, and from the dog's point of view, "Bullet Head."
Plot line #1: Three schmucks crash into an abandoned warehouse after their getaway driver dies of bullet wounds. This trio just pulled off a big robbery and figure they will hole up in the warehouse until the heat dies down. Ah, but in these films, abandoned warehouses are never abandoned. Plot line #2: Michael this film it is Antonio Banderas, has trained a killer Pit Bull. This warehouse is the arena for the dog fights. Banderas has bred a killing machine, but like any great athlete, careers end in defeat. After sustaining mortal wounds, Banderas orders some idiot to execute the pooch. The joke will be on the idiot. Unbeknownst to Banderas, Cujo (not really his name) isn't quite ready to die, and he eats his would-be executioner.
Okay, Walker (John Malkovich), a philosophical thief, Stacy (Adrien Brody) a romantic thief, and Gage (Rory Culkin), a junkie think their safe from the dragnet occurring all over the city. They'll get a rude awakening as our favorite Pit Bull sees these three as invaders and entrees on the buffet line. The dog is unmerciful, and the three must also wrestle their personal demons in battling the pooch. Wait! Is our killer dog really pure evil? As our three thieves get in tune with their human sides, an opportunity for survival might be opened.  Uh oh, maybe not, as Antonio Banderas shows up with a machine gun. His prize winnings from the dogfights are also hidden in the warehouse.
Which is more of a peril for our three thieves, the dog or the machine gun? Is the dog really the evil monster Antonio Banderas has made him into, or is their a chance for redemption? Is Antonio  Banderas' character a metaphor for Michael Vick or Roger Goodell. This film is flawed, but is interesting in that the dog's point of view is championed by director Paul Solet. Sometimes it takes context to figure out who the real villains are. Enjoy "Bullet Head," and avoid Roger Goodell's NFL.

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