Monday, February 26, 2018

Faceless, Love, Rape and Mutilation

Ahhhh! The love between a brother and sister. A great looking brother, a sultry sister, and a whole lot of sucking face and a menage a tres at every opportunity. I know, not the brother-sister love we are comfortable with. However, when Jesus Franco makes the movie...taboo and perversion will rule the day. Throw in the sizzling girlfriend of the brother, a bisexual sadist, and we have a wild one in 1987's "Faceless."
The beautiful Ingrid (Christiane Jean), her expensive plastic surgeon brother, Dr. Flamand (Helmut Berger), and his GF Natalie (Brigitte Lahaie) are returning from a passionate threesome. An irate ex-patient of Flamand throws acid in Ingrid's face and now the beauty looks like a monster. Fear not Ingrid! Flamand's clinic specializes in facial reconstruction. Bad news for cocaine-head supermodel, Barbara (Caroline Munro) is that Flamand uses the blood and skin of beautiful women to fix his patients. The sizzling Natalie abducts Barbara and deposits her in a padded cell. Natalie loves her job. As Flamand bleeds supermodels to death and uses their skin, Natalie is allowed to rape them just before they die.
Enter Morgan (Christopher Mitchum) He is a tough, but slow and incompetent private-eye. Barbara's dad (Telly Savalas) has hired him to find Barbara. As Barbara is tied up in her cell she will be beaten, stripped and raped at will by her guard. Meanwhile Natalie is sent out to seduce and abduct more beautiful women. As Natalie caresses and undresses the beauties, Flamand drugs them and cuts off their faces in the hopes of giving his sister a new one. Realizing his limitations, Flamand will enlist a monster from history in his quest to restore Ingrid's beauty. As Barbara gets weaker, Natalie envisions raping her, too.
Will Morgan gain an IQ and figure out where Barbara is?  Is there anyone in this film who won't be seduced by Natalie? Will Ingrid's beauty be restored, and if so, will she make love to Natalie or her brother first? Weird, gory, and very surprising, "Faceless" will give you a very uneasy feeling. Ms. Lahoie as the sizzling but evil bisexual nurse turns in one of the most seductive performances in film history.  Not for the squeamish, this Jesus Franco film will seduce and gross you out at the same time.

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