Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Urge to Kill, Gratuitous Sex and Horror

A dominatrix, a submissive, and BDSM! Gratuitous shower scenes!  Gratuitous nudity!  Gratuitous hot-tub scenes! Threesomes!  Foursomes! Wild and gratuitous cat-fights! Mud wrestling! Okay, the acting is pretty bad, but does that even matter?  Today we take a look at 1989's "The Urge to Kill" (aka "Attack of the Killer Computer").
Bono Zorro (Peter Gordeno) is a seedy record producer with deviant sexual desires.  When Melanie (Sally Ann Balaam) struts into his studio one night to share her demo tape, he brings her home for some kinky pre-marital sex.  Oh yes, Bono shares his apartment with his computer SEXY, which controls the entire place, from plumbing to electricity.  Bono tries to get his GF Jane (Sarah Hope Walker) over for a threesome...and guess what...Sarah is up for it.  In the meantime, Melanie calls her stunning lesbian lover (Maria Harper) over, also for a threesome . With Bono out for a minuter, the two sexy lesbians get it on and SEXY goes to work.  Melanie will die in the shower when SEXY fixes the shower head to shoot out acid, and her lover gets lasered to death on a tanning bed.
When Jane and Bono return the gals are nowhere to be seen.  Disappointed, Jane calls her two pals, the dominatrix Tiga (Tiga Adams) and her submissive Susan (Joanna Breck) for a foursome.  The two leather clad BDSM gals arrive and hot-tubs and sex take over the plot for awhile.  These two will meet similar fates, leaving Bono and Jane to try to survive against a jealous SEXY.  STOP!!!  That's get the picture.  Psycho computer, gory deaths and deviant sex.
Will either Jane and Bono survive?  Given that Jane is Bono's #1 GF, does SEXY have an especially excruciating death planned for her? Is the misogyny in "The Urge to Kill" symbolic of Silicon Valley's sexism and disrespect for women as embodied in their newest computer technology? Or, is "The Urge to Kill" an orgasmic fantasy of the BDSM culture?  This is a sordid and wild one, and the prettier the gal, the more horrible the death.  I know you all will be repulsed by this film, but if you are curious...check "The Urge to Kill" on YouTube.

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