Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell, Need I Say More?

Not much is known about the lovely Dori Courtney.  She made several films from 1989 to 1991 including 1990's "Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell."  In that classic, Ms. Courtney plays a blonde bimbo sorority girl.  We first cast eyes on her as she steps out of the shower, naked and wet, and for several minutes stands there nude goo-goo eyeing another blonde beauty. Next, she arrives at a mountain cabin and immediately strips and has pre-marital sex with some frat boy.  Next, she is nude in the hot tub, with some frat boy.  Finally, she is skinny dipping in a stream when a creature carries her off, naked, wet, and screaming to be sacrificed to an evil deity.  Sadly, Ms. Courtney's film career ended shortly after those scenes.
Dori Courtney
So here goes, frat boy hunks and sorority babes head to a mountain cabin for partying and pre-marital sex.  The owner of the cabin, Ray (Doug Koth) has just been possessed by an ancient Indian deity, and now he is a monster hunting for fresh blood for his master.  Lots of pre-marital sex, and nude hot tub action ensues, and the creature stalks the college kids. Belinda (Courtney) is first, as her skinny dipping will be interrupted by the fiend.  The evil deity will be much pleased with this full figured sacrifice.  Sarah (Lynette McBrearty), the only semi-clean-cut gal, will be next.
Both will die horribly
Most of the hunks and babes will get carried off by the monster and presented for sacrifice.  Writer/ Director John McBrearty seems to pay special attention to Belinda, probably because of her proclivity to be nude and wet a lot.  Oh yes, to complicate this plot, an escapee from a chain gang has wondered into these woods and he wants to strangle a sorority girl.  As the handsome and beautiful fall, a gun nut, and a heavily armed frat (Shawn Player) kid attempt to take the fight to the evil god.
As we have recently witnessed all the self-glorification of the Academy Awards, and a plethora of stuck up and silly actresses, we salute Dori Courtney, who actually made films we want to watch.  So instead of paying top dollar to go to a film critics say you must see, watch the very enjoyable "Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell" on YouTube instead.  After all, we all must remember the maxim of the USC Film School, "...when in doubt, go to the naked, loose, and wet."

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