Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Literature Review #19: A Catch in Time

Sultry.  Smart.  Elegant.  Drop dead gorgeous.  Tatiana, a Colombian beauty.  From the outset of Christopher Alan Broadstone's novella "A Catch in Time" our mouths are agape with lust for this vixen.  Uh oh, just like Edgar Allan Poe, beautiful women don't fare well in Broadstone works.  Could Tatiana be different?  She is strong of will and independent.  As our tale begins, she is staying at a resort hotel in the Colombian mountains.  Today, that same resort is one of the most haunted sites in South America, perhaps because of stories like this.
Tatiana is escaping.  Her family and impending marriage are now her tormentors.  With her whole future seemingly undone, the horrors of 1938 also converge on her.  World War 2 has yet to begin, but National Socialist horror is sweeping the globe in full force.  Colombia is far enough away to avoid all these horrors.  Wrong!  As Tatiana battles her Catholicism and divine questions about her eternal destination, Hitler's SS devil, Hess, arrives.  We find out the reason for his arrival, but more importantly, Tatiana will now be battling the most evil regime in history.
Poor Tatiana, her dealings with the SS couldn't have gone any worse as our novella progresses.  Then the unthinkable happens.  Perhaps a divine punishment for what she was contemplating, or fate's twisted reminder that no one will escape the evils of the Third Reich, but Tatiana will be tormented by the most evil elements of that horrific and bleak period of world history.  Not just tanks and SS fiends, but the dark recesses of the supernatural have a terrifying torture and torment in store for our heroine.
Will the spirited Tatiana, now with nothing to lose, have any fight left in her bout with darkness? Why has the supernatural teamed up with the Nazis and taken over Tatiana's life?  Oh yes, the horrors that are in store for Tatiana are poignant metaphors for the Nazi atrocities and reign of terror.  Whatever gumption and spite make up our desperate damsel will have to be on display if Tatiana preserves an eternal blessing.  Whether a chance at redemption, or a cruel preview of Hell, Tatiana's predicament is blood curdling.  No more spoilers, but for a horrific read with sensational literary motifs of the Nazi horror, "A Catch in Time" is a novella you must read.  To order this novella click on the following link A Catch in Time

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