Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Beast of X Moor, Cryptozoologists in Much Peril

Being a certified cryptozoologist I can say with certainty that finding undocumented critters has hazards most lay people don't think about.  In today's film, 2014's "The Beast of XMoor" (aka "X Moor"), this is the case for pretty cryptozoologist, Georgia (Melia Kreiling) and her cameraman. Shot beautifully in Norther Ireland, the perils of the moors become something much larger than we ever imagined. Directed by Luke Hyams, this film has a cold and dark feel to it...appropriate for the expansive and lonely moors it portrays.
Lots of cattle are being ripped to shred in southwestern England and the town has posted a big reward for anyone who can document or kill whatever is responsible. Enter Georgia and her vulgar BF cameraman, Matt (Nick Blood). Georgia deserves so much better and we secretly hope Matt assumes the same fate as the sheep in the village.  Uh-oh, especially for Matt, Fox (Mark Bonnar), a world renowned big-game hunter.  Coy Georgia forgot to tell Matt about this move, ticking off Matt as Fox actually looks like a human being with a clue.  The jealous Mark and capable Fox don't gel, I'm afraid.  Fox has found a witness, Kara (Sophie Harkness).  Hardly reliable, Sophie is a meth-head claiming she was attacked by a large critter.  After many difficulties and drama, Georgia, Fox and Matt head out into the moor.
Just like any suave and exotic man....they're usually something different than we originally shot.  Fox leads them to the lair of the beast...or did he lure them there?  How do we know it's the beast's lair? Fine tracker work....or the presence of dozens of torn up bodies.  But did a big panther-like creature do this handiwork?  All the bodies are young females and some are tied up.  Indications are that Fox may be the culprit as he {CENSORED] over one of the corpses.  Fox levels with our duet...he knew this was the lair of a serial killer and desires to trap him on camera.  Georgia and Matt are appalled...but when one of the victims pops up alive, Fox may have more explaining to do.  Bloody carnage awaits and Georgia and Matt will endure a most unspeakable evening.  Surprises will abound as our team awaits the killer's appearance, that is, if Fox is not the killer.
Is Fox really the killer?  How about the monster panther, might it show up, as well? In addition to surviving, Georgia will undergo a metamorphosis in which she will turn homicidal herself in order to survive. Nature present plenty of hazards for our team, but so does the concept of what happens to man when he reverts to his most basest instincts to survive.  So before grabbing a camera crew and before venturing out to film an elusive sea-monster....beware.....as man may be the most dangerous critter out there.....unless the real monster decides to appear.  "The Beast of X Moor" is available on Netflix.      

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