Friday, October 16, 2015

Hobo with a Trash Can, A Dollar's Worth of Carnage

From Bloody Brit Productions comes a fun, comic-book type anthology horror fest.  As in most horror, there are rules, and our friends at Bloody Pit set down some neat ones.  Film makers were paid a dollar each and asked to create a short film based on a piece of trash in the titular trash can. Oh yes, the stories must also fit under the archway of a guiding tale of a hobo, molested by the cops and an alien conspiracy.  I'm told this film cost $700 to make....which shows all of us the gargantuan waste that the major Hollywood studios revel in.
Bo (Christopher Kahler), our hobo, is trying to lead a noble hobo existence.  Pesky dogs, judgmental citizens, a corrupt cop, and some aliens have other ideas.  As he dumpster dives and forages through trash cans, his discoveries come alive in the plots to five stories which ultimately will be inter-related. Our first piece of trash is a frying pan, but not just any frying pan.  Elliot (Marc Arturi) seems to be an alien with a goal of conquering the human race by putting his alien frying pan in the hands of every housewife.  Mindy (Claire "Fluff" Llewellyn) plays his wife who is ultimately more spunky than the stereotypical housewife.  From there we delve into a story of a discarded paper bag which is actually the evil lair for some creature.  An evil little man (Mike Rocha) lures unsuspecting peeps to their gory demise with some ironic twists.
A used condom, a bitten apple, and some discarded fast-food waste are the remaining pieces of trash which serve as building blocks to an ultimate scifi-conspiracy caper.  In a story about a carnivorous apple, some Russian spy intrigue is added in to mix with the horror and scifi.  Oh yes, from the morality department comes an old staple of horror....if you have premarital die.  Hence a story of a deadly condom made from recycled latex.  In many ways, we in "decent" society fear hobos.  They are probably on drugs, mentally unstable, and packing some sort of blade.  On the other extreme, we must be very frightening to the hobo.  We are also violent and armed with smart phones which can call the cops to have them removed.  Throw in mysterious villains, who may or may not be human, and we have a terrific base for this anthology film.
Though ultimately a fun movie, be warned the very end has some horrific elements which are anything but lite.  A neat team of young directors worked on this film, and include Claire Llewellyn. Fast moving and at times tongue and cheek, this film always remembers that it is a horror work, which leads to some nice gore.  With virtually no budget, the effects, acting, and direction are superb. Catch "Hobo with a Trash Can" this Halloween season.


  1. This horror selection sounds like a must-see to me. Thanks Chris for sending a humorous one (by intent) for our Halloween season line up. The gore will be an added spectacle scrap to our fright night refuse receptacle.

  2. I'm going to have to watch this one. Always like to see films where the filmmakers made a lot out of a little. Especially in the case of horror. Thanks for the great review, Chris!

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