Friday, February 6, 2015

Alice in Murderland, Babes in Skimpy Costumes Having Cat-Fights

Sorority sisters in skimpy costumes, Tons of gore.  Lots of cat-fights.  I can't believe this movie only earned 1.9/10 stars on  Unlike "Selma" or "Frozen," this is actually a movie we can enjoy.  Though this film was made in 2010, it is obviously heavily influenced by the slasher films from the 1980s.  Unlike many low-budget horror films, the actresses in this movie do a fantastic job.  Written and directed by Dennis Devine, "Alice in Murderland" is an extremely under-appreciated slasher film.
As our story begins, the beautiful Ann (Katie Hotchkiss) is axed to pieces while looking at a home for sale.  Fast forward 20 years.  Ann's daughter, Alice (Malerie Grady, right hand side of above photo) will turn 21 in a few days.  Malory (Marlene Mc'Cohen) is Alice's BFF, and convinces all the sorority sisters to throw Alice a party at the same house, Alice's mom was murdered.'s a slasher comments about the wisdom of that plan.  Even better, every sister will dress in costumes (skimpy ones) of characters from "Alice in Wonderland."  By pure coincidence, Malory's uncle just purchased the property.  Malory seduces her Uncle Rene to lend them the keys.  No guys invited! Alice just broke up with her beau, because her sorority sister Tiffany (Katie Locke O'Brien, right hand side of below photo) stole him away.  Tiffany may have gotten the boy, but also earned the scorn of her sorority sisters.  On three occasions, dressed as the Red Queen, Tiffany will be owned in cat-fights at the party. 
Then the murders start.  The feuding girls get in more cat-fights, do 'shrooms, and get in more cat-fights. Tiffany, humiliated in several of these cat-fights plots violent revenge.  Is she the killer?  Or is Kat (Kelly Kula) the fiend, as she seems to disappear when people die.  Or is Malory's Uncle the killer, driven insane by his niece's flirtations, the insaniac?  The suspects are numerous, and the mystery is a good one.  Some of you might even suspect Alice, perhaps driven mad by spending the night in the same house her mom was murdered.  As the sorority babes drop, the killer is revealed.  Will any of these ladies survive the night?
This is definitely a guy's film, as any hunks in the credits are gutted before the party starts.  The grouchy characters slap each other, pull hair, kick with stiletto heels, and humiliate each other on cue. Unfortunately, the killer uses big knives and a machete with more effect.  Available on Netflix, if you liked "Cheerleader Massacre" and it's sequel, "Alice in Murderland" is a film to die for.  

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