Tuesday, May 6, 2014

BloodRayne 2: Deliverance Natassia Malthe!

One of my favorite modern actresses is Natassia Malthe.  When not acting or modeling, she is active in philanthropic causes.  Most recently, she raised lots of money and supplies for the earthquake survivors in northern Japan.  This Norwegian beauty was featured in this blog for "Vampire Wars" on November 15th, and today she will be featured in 2007's "BloodRayne 2: Deliverance." Many of you may remember her as the femme fatale figure in LG's Scarlet advertising campaign in 2008...some of my favorite commercials!  This Uwe Boll movie is the most playful BloodRayne movie, where the first one was the most intense, and the third one (also starring Malthe) is the most erotic.
The plot:  Billy the Kid (Zack Ward) is raiding homesteads, killing parents and abducting their children.  Neat twist, Billy and his gang are demented vampires.  The last homestead they raided belonged to Rayne's (Malthe) friends and she tracks Billy to Deliverance.  Deliverance is a small town which will get a railroad station soon.  Billy (see picture below) now controls the town and Rayne is met with hostility immediately.  When warned "..you don't know what you're dealing with," she responds "...that's fair, neither do they."  Rayne, of course, is a damphere (half human/half vampire).  This is explained in the first BloodRayne movie as Ben Kingsley (vampire) rapes Rayne's mother.  After shooting a couple of Billy's men with silver bullets soaked in holy water and garlic, she is overpowered and put in jail.  Fortunately for her, Pat Garrett (Michael Pare....who is in all three BloodRayne movies) rescues her just before her execution.  Unfortunately for Rayne, she takes a couple of bullets, and is near death.
Garrett learns fast, and nurses her back to health by letting her drink some of his blood (see picture below).  Now Garrett and Rayne team up and put their own gang together, which includes a con-man preacher and a killer.  Rayne needs to hurry, Billy has already started drinking the blood of the children.  The gang returns to Deliverance and goes to war with the vampires, as Rayne breaks free to track down Billy for a horrifying confrontation.  Billy asks Rayne to join him and gives her an ambitious speech about ruling the world, but she taunts him with "Big speech, little guns...you compensating for something, Billy?"  As Billy begins kicking the snot out of Rayne, we the viewer are screaming (as if we are watching a WWE match) "Get up Rayne!"  Who will prevail?
Will Rayne rebound and destroy Billy?  Will Garrett and Rayne head to Tombstone next and confront the Clanton brothers?  Uwe Boll, as in all three "BloodRayne" movies delivers a fabulously entertaining movie.  He pays homage to the spaghetti western, and gives our protagonist the attitude of a seasoned gunfighter.  Malthe looks great in her black leather coat and revealing garments...and of course two six-shooters.  The first "BloodRayne" movie was reviewed on this blog on  December 12th, and sometime soon, I'll do the third installment.  If you are not familiar with Natassia Malthe and Uwe Boll, definitely see the last two "BloodRayne" movies.  Oh yes, Michael Pare is terrific as Pat Garrett! 

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  1. I loved the Far West setting. That's a thing I like a lot in all Bloodrayne films they change era in each one. :)
    Another rocking review my friend!!!