Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Reptilicus, All Copenhagen is Dancing

In between discovering Dustin Hoffman and making over 50 3-D movies, Sidney Pink made the most famous movie ever to come out of Denmark.  1962's "Reptilicus" is an epic monster movie which utilizes the Army, Navy, and Air Force of Denmark as well as 900,000 Danish extras.  In addition to delivering shocking horror, "Reptilicus" also delivers a significant tourism ad for Copenhagen and a wonderful solo of the hit song "Tivoli Nights."
The plot: Miners in The Laplands discover a dinosaur tail and send it to the Copenhagen Aquarium.  Here, we meet the old scientist, Dr. Martens, and his two beautiful daughters, Lisa and Karen (Ann Smyrner and Mimi Heinrich).  Their looks are a great addition to the film even though they spend much of the movie competing for the same men.  Oh those Danes!  Martens discovers the tail is alive and regenerating so the U.N. sends American General Mark Grayson.  General Grayson is all business and all grouch until American scientist, Connie Miller (Marlies Behrens) arrives.  She is beautiful and General Grayson loosens up and the two go on an epic date through Copenhagen.
The tail grows into a 90 foot, acid-spewing monster which then eats it's way through the Danish military and Copenhagen's population.  The incompetent General Grayson continually sends the troops into Reptilicus' buffet line, and we get some great shots of the three buxom actresses looking really concerned.  Despite getting some sage advice from the scientists, like bombing Reptilicus into 1000 pieces will lead to 1000 Reptilicus', the General keeps behaving stupidly.  Fortunately our grouchy general, who yells in the war room a lot, is joined by the tight-skirted actresses (their exact role in the war room is uncertain).
Will Denmark survive?  Who will ultimately end up with the doctor's daughters?  Will Connie Miller ditch the grouchy General Grayson?  This movie is B movie Hall of Fame material.  The cheesy special effects, great looking Danish actresses, epic war scenes, and a terrific monster create a must-see extravaganza.  You will enjoy this film much more than the over-rated horror flick "Rosemary's Baby."  Oh yes, an extra treat...this movie is .....In Color!

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