Friday, June 3, 2022

Death Count, Dark Web Reality

Today's film is for true hardcore horror fans.  Even for you guys, the carnage in 2022's "Death Count" may make you, yes, even you, wince and avert your eyes. No PG 13 horror here.  Nothing in this film will appeal to the Hallmark Channel softies.  Gore aplenty!  Blood...boobs...sustained pain and torture...this Michael Su film may be the best dark web horror film ever, and the goriest film of the past five years.  So, go ahead, watch a Kate Winslet bore-a-thon if you must.  For those of you with testosterone (or you females with a slightly deviant side), I give you "Death Count."

A bunch of very related schmucks are abducted and wake in mysterious cells.  They are chained and bloodied.  Upon waking, they are greeted by an evil "warden" (Costas Mandylor).  Quickly, he lets them all in on the deal.  A dark web reality show in which on-line maniacs will have the power to give it likes.  To win the game, accumulate the most likes.  We grab right onto the beauty Rachel (Sarah French).  She is initially obedient, but some of her fellow inmates show sass and will die horribly with much gore (think exploding heads and similar carnage).  Now the warden has their attention.  The participants will be given likes based on their proclivity to complete tasks...which always seem to focus on self mutilation.

To what extent will your average schmuck inflict bloody carnage upon his/her own body in order to survive?  An open question.  The warden has proved his credibility and following his orders is the only option...sadly, a few will die horribly when they try to test this.  Pliers, hammers, daggers, whips, and boxcutters will all be utilized.  Mustard gas, acid, and electricity will be used by the warden.  Oh yes...Selena (Devanny Pinn) will have a very gratuitous and heartbreaking role in this film.  Uh oh, the cops are on their way, led by Detective Casey (Michael Madsen).  As the poor contestants go up in flames, heads explode, or have their eyes shot out, Rachel and her cohorts are left to mar themselves and try to figure out who is doing this to them and find a means of escape.

Just what is the bond between these contestants?  Who is the warden and what does he have against these seemingly harmless peeps?  Will the sultry Devanny Pinn and ravishing Sarah French stay sultry and ravishing for the end credits?  Ominous in its gore and subject matter, "Death Count" is also ominous in showing us an increasingly impersonal society and the awful depths a collective deviance will sink and permeate western culture.  Not for the squeamish, "Death Count" is a must see for hardcore horror fans.

Note:  "Death Count" is due out in North America on July 31, 2022.      

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