Thursday, June 24, 2021

Sadistic Intentions, Heavy Metal Carnage

The carnage in Heavy Metal "music" is often overlooked.  Sure...many are not able to decipher the words to these "songs."  Still, the thunderous beat is often times the attraction, not the "poetry" of the offering.  Imagine if ravers and other metal-heads did listen to the words...and were guided by the wisdom of those words.  Hence 2018's "Sadistic Intentions," directed by Eric Pennycoff.

No spoiler the film begins, Kevin (Michael Patrick Nicholson) is in the midst of decapitating a family of four.  Nice opening scene.  That night the very cute Chloe (Taylor Zaudtke) is trying to figure out how to pay for college.  She needs cash.  The pretty coed-wannabe then gets a call from Kevin.  Kevin will pay her a lot of dinero if she will deliver some weed.  Chloe accepts the offer and is told to come to Kevin's place...he texts her the address.  Also lured to this address is Stu (Jeremy Gardner), a heavy metal "musician."  The two are surprised that Kevin lures them to a mansion.  The two strangers arrive...but Kevin is nowhere to be found.

Stu and Chloe...the "song" writer and the pretty drug dealer, bond.  Uh oh...this isn't Kevin's house.  Who's house is it?  Remember the opening scene?  Yep.  When Stu finds four decapitated heads in the swimming pool, the mood of the evening changes.  Then Kevin appears...and he is quite psycho.  The mad man has lured the two to this mansion for...well, let's just say the motive is in the lyrics of one of Kevin's metal pieces.  Now gore and further carnage ensue.  The nubile Chloe, much to her displeasure, is slated for...well, Kevin hasn't quite made up his mind, but it has to do with bloody sacrifice.  More bad news...Chloe might not be able to depend on her new buddy, Stu, for'll see.  Madness and insanity...and really thunderous Heavy Metal bring in an ominous last half hour to this horror flick.

If Kevin was more interested in Barry Manilow music than Heavy Metal stuff, would Chloe still be in danger of being cut up into little pieces?  Which side is Stu on, his band mate's or the perky and cute Chloe?  If Kevin had bothered to develop a third chord while honing his Heavy Metal skills, would disembowelment still be on his band's agenda?  Loud and vicious, this film will grab you...if not give you a headache.  See "Sadistic Intentions," and turn off Magic 99.1 on your FM radio. 

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