Friday, December 1, 2017

Malafafone, Vanity and Vegetables

It must be true, it was on the internet! Whenever I'm stumped at a question, my advice is always the same, "pick up the iPad and look it up." Want to build a nuclear power plant in your backyard? Go to YouTube or Google, it'll show you how. Want to cook some roadkill? Pick up your Tablet and look up a good recipe. Want to look beautiful for a big date? guessed it. Of course believing everything you see on the internet could lead to horrific results...or comedic results. Today we look at a short horror/comedy film (2 minutes) written and directed by Jono Freedrix, "Malafafone."
So cute! A lovely young lady (Lesley Shannon) has a big date tonight with a guy (Andy Baldeschwiler) she is crazy about. Bless her soul, she is taking great pains to look her best...and we know the beau will appreciate it. Uh oh...according to her device, there is one more fool proof way to look your best. What follows'll see.
Funny and irreverent, "Malafafone" will make you laugh. A slightly deeper examination of the plot may have you a bit creeped out, though. No spoilers here, but I will say my friend Alan Rowe Kelly does a bang up job on the make-up and special f/x. If we want to get even deeper, I dare say that this short film is very poignant in today's America as we are seeing the level of misogyny rampant in the world of young professional women.
If you'd like to see this 2 minute horror comedy, click on this link Malafafone
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