Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Abominable, Sasquatch vs. College Girls

Actually, this isn't quite accurate.  The Sasquatch figure may be something far more vicious.  Unlike the real Bigfoot, the monster in today's feature is taller and meaner, perhaps more like the Yeti of the Himalayas.  The college girls?  They are hardly competition to the fury nemesis they will encounter. In 2006's "Abominable," we have a nice creature feature that many of us first saw on SyFy.  In our over sensitive culture, we have made Sasquatch into a lovable misunderstood mammal.  In this flick, he is a blood-thirsty beast who eats peoples heads and that's more like it.
Preston (Matt McCoy) returns to his mountain cabin after being paralyzed in a climbing accident that took his wife.  He is scared and confined to a wheelchair. His male nurse, Otis (Christien Tinsley) is his attendant, and he turns out to be quite a malignant force.  There is good news, four babes arrive in the cabin next door.  The beauties are there to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana.  Fortunately for Preston he has binoculars.
Enter the monster.  As Preston spies on the nubile women, he sees the girls fall victim to the creature. First Karen (Ashley Hartman) is carried off, then Tracy (Tiffany Shepis) is snapped in half during a gratuitous shower scene.  As the power is cut, and phone lines go down, Preston is unable to warn his objects of desire of their impending doom.  Worse, Otis doesn't believe him and tries to tranquilize him.  As our Yeti-like thing goes through the vulnerable, and sometimes naked damsels like crap through a goose, Amanda (Haley Joel) emerges as the only semi-clean cut babe.  Soon Amanda and Preston will have to match wits to survive the murderous abomination.
Will wheelchair bound Preston and semi-skank Amanda be able to fight off a legendary killer? Do Otis and Amanda's giggly friends have any chance here? Okay, that's an easy one. There are other plot lines that are very satisfying to horror fans. In one, a group of hunters that include Jeffrey Combs and Lance Henriksen try to hunt this being.  Warning...if you watch "Abominable," make sure you see the uncut version for some nice gore and gratuitous shower scenes. Oh yes, this film was directed by Ryan Schifrin, the son of Lalo Schifrin, who does the music.

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  1. Matt McCoy was ultra annoying as Lloyd Braun on Seinfeld so it is no great stretch for him to be a perv. This is straight up B movie stuff. Toss in Jeff Combs & Lance Henriksen as hunters & I am right there.