Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bloody Pit of Horror, Torturing the Impure

The benefits of being the BFF of the Marquis De Sade are numerous.  In the case of The Crimson Executioner, the most notable perk is an endless supply of nubile young lasses.  See, if you're the Crimson Executioner, you have your work cut out for you.  The impure must be cleansed and removed from the general population.  Oh those problematic young beauties...flaunting their bodies and spreading immorality throughout society...yep...The Crimson Executioner is just the guy to restore morality and purity throughout Europe.  Today we look at an Italian horror film from 1965, "Bloody Pit of Horror."  Oh yes!  This cinematic masterpiece is filmed in PSYCHOVISION!!!
For centuries The Crimson Executioner's corpse has been locked in an iron maiden in the dungeon of an old Italian castle.  Enter a photo shoot featuring four super-models to be photographed for pics in a book of pulp murder stories.  Unaware that a strange man, Travis (Mickey Hagerty) resides in the castle, the team enter and explors.  Uh oh, accidentally the seal of the iron maiden is knocked off, releasing the spirit of The Crimson Executioner.  This will begin a downward spiral for the nubile super-models. As Travis meets his unwanted guests, he invites them to stay after eyeing Edith (Luisa Baratto), the secretary.  Even worse, the spirit of the executioner seems to possess him.
The models, posing in various shots of homicide featuring torture equipment, start falling.  The stunning Hawaiian model, Kinojo (Moa Tahi) will be forced into a huge spider web and we witness her very slow and painful death as a huge spider messes up her face.  Walter Brandi plays Rick, the hero, and he tries his best to save the girls....actually, he is very slow and lacks any sense of immediacy...but he is a hunk.  As Rick plods along, the fiend captures the remaining girls and begins doing awful things to their bodies and well being with the assistance of awful torture devices.  The scantily clad models are just too much for The Crimson Executioner's hormones, and he is in rare form, even for a centuries old monster.
Will Rick be able to speed up a bit and save any of the lovelies?  Does The Crimson Execution have valid points we can take away from this film concerning the virtues of modesty and purity?  Directed by Massimo Pupillo, "Bloody Pit of Horror" is a gratuitous exploitation, Euro-horror film relying on scantily clad, sweaty women in much peril.  Of course, what else can we expect from a film featuring the Marquis De Sade's main man?

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