Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dead Sexy, Are the Dead Sexy?

Are the dead sexy?  Is death sexy? What would Pauline (AnnaLynne McCord) of "Excision" have looked like as a medical student? Gory, uncomfortable, and taboo, 2014's "Dead Sexy" is a perfect film for this blog. Writer and Director Daisy Turvey takes us through a surreal horror story which will have us all screaming, "No! I'm not aroused!" That plea might be true...or maybe not. This short runs 19 minutes, so I will be brief on the plot to avoid spoilers.
Elaina (Izzy Cosgrove) is an alluring med student obsessed with pathology. The dead turn her on. "I'm not exactly usual" is her quote that serves as a gross understatement.  We get a glimpse at her fantasy world which includes the mounting of corpses and bloody murder. Because she is so sexy, the two men in her life, Damien (Ben Pierson) and Ross (Lawrence Bowland) will be seduced into.....well you'll see. Damien promises to fix her....make her normal. Unfortunately for this ill-equipped BF, we sense that Elaina will do the fixing.  Ms. Turvey has us on the edge of our seats as Elaina's demeanor and psyche demonstrate that she is eager to take her attraction for the dead up a level or two. This one will have you squirming and fans of "Excision" will see "Dead Sexy" as a perfect companion piece to that film.
Ms.Turvey is a brilliant film maker who will someday grace us with full length features.  Ms. Cosgrove is sexy and scary as the young med student.  If you like horror that seeks to make us uneasy and squirm....see "Dead Sexy." To view this film on YouTube click on this link Dead Sexy Link

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