Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bloodlust Zombies, The Office meets the Zombie Apocalypse

Discovered working at a college bar, Alexis Texas would proceed to have an extraordinarily successful adult film career.  She would appear in over 200 scenes.  However, in 2011, Ms. Texas starred in today's film, "Bloodlust Zombies."  Perhaps one third an episode of "The Office" and two thirds a gore-fest zombie picture, our scream-queen will deal with a harassing boss, office politics, moody A-V equipment, and mutant fiends craving human flesh.
A bio-lab, contracted by the military, has just developed VC-42.  This invention causes people to turn into mutant homicidal fiends bent on killing anyone they see.  The military plans to drop this stuff behind enemy lines and let the enemy take care of themselves.  Celebration ensues, as the project succeeded under budget and before deadline.  Bobby Lee (Robert Heath), the old geyser who heads this firm celebrates by having wild, rough role-playing sex with the sexy A-V girl, Andrea (Texas). Accidentally the intercom is knocked on and their wild screams and moans are broadcast through the entire building, causing a distraction in the lab.  As a result, some VC-42 gets loose and the first infected are two lab-techs.  The project lead, Judy (Janice Marie) knows the consequences of the outbreak and immediately arms herself.
The building is now on quarantine lock-down.  As more and more employees get turned into murderous mutants, Andrea emerges as more than just a gold-digging skank.  As she and Judy have a philosophical spat regarding each of their roles in the company, Andrea decides to man-up.  As Judy races to fix things (....what exactly that means? Who knows.), Andrea grabs an ax.  Also surviving are the nymphomaniac jerk, Darren (Adam Danoff), and Libby the Temp (Lauren Todd).  Both of these characters are terrific and cause us to pause and the human race worth saving?  Then Andrea comes back into the scene and the answer is an enthusiastic yes.  Will Judy be able to 'fix things,' and will the 'fix' be more harmful than the outbreak? Does pretty skank.....I mean A-V tech, Andrea have a prayer in her tight skirt and high heals?
Bloody and only mildly tongue-and-cheek, "Bloodlust Zombies" is an  entertaining and fast-paced film.  Though hardly Rated X, Ms. Texas' performance is quite provocative.  As "Z Nation" and "The Walking Dead" are about to begin their next seasons, and "Fear The Walking Dead" has taken over Sunday nights, be sure to to lighten up the zombie apocalypse a bit with "Bloodlust Zombies." This film is reasonably priced on 

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