Monday, December 8, 2014

The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), I watch 'em so You don't have to...

Yep, it showed up on Netflix!  Now this 2011 film beckons you.  As much as you love gore-fests, this film is just too much for your sensibilities. beckons.  Perhaps you have been close to clicking on it....or perhaps you are in the process of summoning enough courage.  Hence today's feature "The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)."  I have taken the liberty to view Tom Six' (a fabulous movie-maker who I compare to David Lynch) latest film so you don't have to.  I know what you are asking, "Does it actually show {fill in the blank}?"  Yes...and more.
Okay...don't feel compelled to read on.  In the first "Human Centipede" movie, a meticulous German deranged surgeon sews three peeps together, mouth to anus.  One digestive system!  In #2,  Laurence R. Harvey plays Martin.  Martin is a half retarded, deranged lunatic who works as an attendant in a London parking garage.  The first film obsesses him, and he decides to create a ten-person centipede. Oh yes...he has plans for the front of his creation.  He lures the actress (Ashlynn Yennie, pictured below) from the first movie to London in order to make her the head.  In some very disturbing scenes, he collects nine other Londoners including a pregnant woman who is just about to give birth.  We get a peek at Martin's home life...and it also will make you squirm.  Martin was severely sexually abused by his dad, and his mom resents Martin as the dad went to prison for the abuse.
No surgical tools for Martin.  He will perform the operations using carpentry tools.  Hacksaws, pliers, hammers, etc.  Using a DVD of the first HC film as a guide, he knocks out his victims with blows to the head (no anesthesia, here) and begins cutting, snipping and stapling...and NO, this is not done off camera.  As disturbing as this film appears, there are a handful of scenes that rise to new levels of "disturbing." One such scene involves the pregnant victim mentioned above, but there is no need to go into that scene here.  I know what you're asking, " this a character study where the gory scenes are minimized so I only have to cover my eyes a few times?" No!  This is probably 87 minutes of covering you're eyes (...though you will peek between your fingers out of curiosity).
The madness portrayed in HC2 will leave you with some uneasy images.  A third HC film will arrive soon, starring Eric Roberts.  One wonders if this movie's relevance has increased as our governments ruin healthcare systems throughout the free world.  The medical profession is built on an oath to do no harm, but allow government to run that system, and we may devolve into Martin's world.  Our government systems protect the lunatic at the expense of decent, hard-working peeps...HC2 may be extreme, but is it also prophetic?  Conjure up your own messages from this film, which you may view on Netflix.  Finally, if HC2 is too over-the-top for you, let this review suffice.  However, if you can take it, Mr. Six has created an enthralling horror story, again.



  1. Oh, yuck, yuck, yuck... What will be on the 3rd? 25 person centipede? I do love Eric Roberts, though

  2. that fat man is a great actor