Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dead Space, Another Roger Corman Production

1991's "Dead Space" was the first film for Director Fred Gallo, who was only 25 years of age when it opened. Gallo was discovered by Roger Corman, who produced this work.  This is a cheesy rip-off of "Alien" complete with Marc Singer (who displays some six-pack abs), a cool creature (albeit not too original), and some space babe/scientists who play the damsels, and creature bait, very well.  For those of you who remember the late night movies on UHF, this would have been perfect fare for that venue.
 The plot: A distress call is sent from a research lab on the planet Phaebon.  One of the scientists cuts his finger and is infected.  A short time later, his experiment explodes out of his belly and escapes.  Commander Krieger (Singer) and his robot respond to the call, after they dispose of three enemy fighters near Phaebon.  Krieger's arrival is not welcomed as the ranking scientists tell him the call was a false alarm.  The perky space-babe/scientist Marissa (Laura Mae Tate) signals to him that he needs to stay, as a great danger is loose in the lab.  This lab is working on a cure for the Delta 5 virus (really bad stuff) by creating a new, more aggressive virus to battle it.  Naturally the cure turns into a monster that grows rapidly and eats scientists and space-babes.
When the small creature enters Liz, the lone survivor from the Astro Lab 6 disaster (don't ask), through her nose, and busts out an even big creature, Krieger decides to stay.  Besides, him and Marissa have been making goo-goo eyes at each other since his arrival.  Marissa and Krieger want to kill this "metamorphic mutant," but the lead scientists want to understand it and communicate with it.  I guess we know what will happen to these lead scientists.  Realizing bullets won't kill it, Marissa and her new beau must discover a way to kill it.
Though this film isn't too original, it does entertain. The creature is menacing and delivers some gory kills.  A hulking and sweaty Singer will please the female viewers, and Marissa is a noble and attractive damsel.  Roger Corman fans will be pleased, and Ingmar Bergman fans will be annoyed.  All of you who enjoyed that late night action on UHF, this is a movie for you!

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