Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Scarehouse, Sorority Girls Shredded

There might not be any more of a satisfying victim in slasher films than sorority girls. I wonder if gals in sororities understand how universally hated they are. Yeah, yeah, yeah...they have food drives for the hungry. Big deal, who doesn't engage in charitable endeavors? They are also full of themselves, place a unhealthy definition on 'family,' strive to be arrogant and obnoxious, and waste loads of school activity dollars on themselves. Hence a film that should get us all cheering, 2014's "The Scarehouse."
Two years ago Corey (Sarah Booth) and Elaina (Kimberly-Sue Murray) pledge at an exclusive sorority. After a hazing consisting of lots of alcoholic beverages, they are told to pull off a prank on the hunk/jock Brandon (Brad Everett). What happens next will be filled in throughout the duration of the film but Brandon dies, and our two pledges will be framed by the sorority and sent to prison for two years. Two years later, the sultry ex-cons want, vengeance. The two set up a haunted house for Halloween and invite the aforementioned sorority sisters. Emily (Dani Barker) is the first to arrive. At this point we are expecting a fun kill all the arrogant sorority sisters film. Uh oh...Corey and Elaina turn this film into an ominous torture porn piece.
What they do to Emily is humiliating, gory, and ominous (there's that word again). One by one the other gals arrive. The ones that don't die right away are the unlucky ones. Corey and Elaina have thought about this for two years and the pretty sisters will be marred, taken apart, humiliated, have their you-know-whats' ripped off,'ll see. Have you ever seen an acid pillow fight? You will when you watch this film. Not every pretty sister is a helpless slut and Corey and Elaina will have to fight to survive as well as inflict carnage.
Will Elaina and Corey complete their horrific plan and wipe out the entire sorority? Will any of these beauties turn the tables on our devilish duo? Given the victims are all sorority sisters, should any of them survive? When this film turns into a torture porn extravaganza we begin sympathizing with the arrogant ladies...but not for too long. Directed by Gavin Michael Booth, "The Scarehouse" is dark and intense horror film that is not for the weak of stomach. 


  1. What a wonderful review I definitely want to see this movie now your reviews are always a lot of fun to read thank you definitely keep it coming

  2. Oh man, we got San Jose to thank for the sorority sisters, and the good dentists that brace their teeth,but all they are is B grade fodder,great review!