Saturday, March 9, 2019

Frozen Sasquatch, or Luke Warm Yeti

Sasquatch...Bigfoot...Yeti....all the same thing? The question is moot, but in 2018's "Frozen Sasquatch" we have a Yeti run amok in The Himalayas. Another classic from the Polonia Brothers, this B film (C really) may have some flaws but is so endearing on so many fronts. Campy acting that is better than any of the acting in the new "Wonder Woman" or "Captain America" films, C grade special effects that top the stupid CGI of a J.J. Abrams film, and a creature that will have you laughing, cheering, and yearning for the f/x of those great B films of the 1950s.
A U.S. research facility in The Himalayas is wiped out...but by what? The government sends a trio of fact-finders...Lance (Titus Himmelberger), he's buff (in a C grade film type of way)...Sheila (Natalie Hallead), Lance's ex, and the sexual tension between them is boiling over (okay, maybe not boiling but a bit warmer than ice water), and the proverbial fifth-wheel Jenson (Noyes J. Lawton). They reach the facility and find blood and hair all over the place. They also find Megan (Jamie Morgan). Megan is a scientist and seems to have gone completely mad...she keeps yapping about a Yeti. The trio find the notes from the mad doctors and realize a Yeti wiped the place out.
Uh oh...the Yeti is still in the facility and begins hunting our trio. Double uh oh, Lance (he's buff) and Sheila are getting warm to each other again. As Jenson searches the facility, and Sheila pours over the notes of the experiments, Lance flexes and looks buff. Uh oh again, Megan may be a bit more than a mere victim of a Yeti gone amok. The trio learn some startling truths about where the Yeti came from and what it is trying to do, other than killing humans.
Will Sheila be so impressed with the buff Lance and rip his clothes off even as the Yeti hunts them? Will the annoying third-wheel Jenson get ripped apart by either the Yeti, Sheila, Lance, or the mysterious Megan? Will Lance still look buff after the Yeti gets through with him? This is a fun one and the C grade film effort is terrific. Kudos to the Polonia brothers and the fine cast in delivering a very entertaining horror film. See "Frozen Sasquatch" and don't worry that a Yeti culturally appropriated the enigmatic Bigfoot.


  1. Awesome review I’ll check it out today thanks

  2. wonderful review, now i can see your fascination this is one i WANT to watch, C grade is always alluring!!