Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Love Me Not, Jenny Loves Brad and an Axe

Okay stop it...I haven't asked the question yet. The answers from you guys out there are pouring in. I can hear you say "Yes...I married one!" Or, "Yep, I dated dozens." Or even, "Women...what's the big surprise?" Okay, shut up...the question I lead off this review with is...what is it like to date a complete homicidal psycho babe? Hence a 11 minute short horror film from Michael Coulombe, "Love Me Not." Perhaps we can characterize this blood fest as "My Dinner With Andre" meets "My Bloody Valentine."
Men! Can't live with them...can't live without them. But on Valentine's Day, a babe would rather live with them. The beautiful Jenny (Vanessa Esperanza) has had her share of men troubles...they dump her, don't answer her calls, don't return her texts, and bleed all over her romantic dinner table. As our film begins her ex-lovers are also ex-people. Their mangled corpses are carefully placed around Jenny's dinner table. She took an axe to doubt they deserved it.
Uh oh...the latest beau, Brad (David Blanco) still breathes. Tied up and gagged, Jenny explains to him...and us...exactly what she did and why. You gals will cheer! You guys will grab your phones and start answering some long ignored texts. Decked out in alluring undergarments and armed with an axe, Jenny has the upper hand. As Jenny pontificates and waxes insane-logic, Brad desperately works to free himself from the ties that bind.
Can Jenny forgive Brad? Can Brad free himself and turn the tables on Jenny? Is Jenny's diatribe merely an anthem for all you beautiful women out there...and a warning for all you men pigs! Bloody...humorous...and perhaps a nice bit of social commentary on the modern men-women dating scene, "Love Me Not" (written by Brantley J. Brown) is a must see for all of us romantic-at-heart. To view this film click the link below.
Love Me Not

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