Sunday, March 17, 2019

Murdercycle, Alien Biker vs. The CIA and Marines

Cassandra Ellis! A far better actress than either Mila Kunis or Meryl Streep, Ms. Ellis made only one film in her career. Unlike the films of the aforementioned over-rated has-beens, Ms.Ellis' film is one we actually want to watch. 1999's "Murdercycle" is given to us by our buddies at Full Moon and Charles Band. UFOs...ETs...lasers...machine guns...and Cassandra Ellis...this is one for all to enjoy!
A meteorite crashes onto the grounds of a top-secret CIA/military base. The thing is actually an alien probe which immediately possesses a dirt-bike and its rider (Mark Edward Roberts). It then goes on the rampage with lasers and eliminates the CIA spook running the place. Enter Sgt. Kirby (Charles Wesley), USMC. He is a suspended marine, suspended for killing his own men (a CIA frame-up). He is put in charge of a team to enter the base and figure out why contact has been lost with it. The CIA sends their guy, Wood (Michael Vachetti), to oversee the operation. They also send Dr. Lee (Ellis), a sultry CIA babe in a tight mini-skirt who is in charge of their ESP team, yes she has ESP. As soon as the covert team enters the base the alien cyclist attacks. Wood clearly knows more than he is letting on.
As the team slowly diminishes in number, both Lee and Kirby figure out Wood may be the real enemy. But wait! An underground lab is found and the alien rider wants to get into it. Now Kirby, a few of his men, and Lee have to figure out what is in the lab that the alien wants and will kill for. Yep, Wood knows and isn't talking. Wood also has defense mechanisms so Lee can't read his mind. Whenever Lee tries to read Wood's mind, Wood fills it up with thoughts of violently raping Lee. This alarms Lee. Now a battle is set pitting Kirby and Lee against the CIA spook, and also against a homicidal alien motorcyclist.
What is being kept in the underground lab which could cause a planetary war between some distant world and the CIA? Given the fact that Dr. Lee has been thrown in with CIA spooks and U.S. Marines, are Wood's thoughts about raping her unique to only him (after all...all men are PIGS!!!!!)? Why hasn't Cassandra Ellis ever made another film (perhaps she refused to have sex with Harvey Weinstein)? This is a fun one and represents Full Moon Entertainment nicely. For some great alien-machine gun-motorcycle-sultry ESP woman action, see "Murdercycle," directed by Thomas L. Callaway.


  1. Meryl Streep is not fit to be a janitor maybe an extra for a pig dog ,there ,I said it!!

  2. Wow, this is your movie to a T!!! nice one, love the HW comment and me are all pigs, apparently we are proud of it too!!

  3. Wow, such a cool flick that fell between the cracks! You find the best stuff my friend