Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Battledogs, CGI Wolves Conquer New York City

The Big Apple infested with werewolves? Okay, stop it...I can hear you remark, "Is that any worse than what's going on in New York now?" Our friends at The Asylum and Syfy have delivered a very ambitious werewolf film that may spell the end of America's Gotham...for the sake of arguments we'll assume that isn't a good thing. The thousands of werewolves that will descend on New York will be CGI creations, but they are cute and ferocious at the same time making 2013's "Battledogs" fun for the whole family (okay, maybe not the whole family).
Beautiful wildlife photographer Donna Voorhees (Ariana Richards)  is bitten by a wolf in the Yukon. She is now 'patient zero.' Upon landing at Kennedy Airport she becomes a wolf and attacks everyone in the airport. Those not killed are now werewolves. As hundreds of wolves now infest JFK, Wes Studi commands an army unit who gasses them all. Upon being gassed the wolves turn human again and are brought to a U.S. Army quarantine facility at Ward's Island. There they are kept calm as the low-energy Major Brian (Craig Sheffer) joins the beautiful Dr. Goodman (Kate Vernon) to find a cure. The humans are kept calm as if their pulse rates get too high they turn.
Uh oh...the evil General Monning (Dennis Haysbert) and Wes Studi want to weaponize these werewolves and replace soldiers with them. Great idea which always works out so well in these movies. Donna is caught in the middle as the milquetoast Major Brian becomes sweet on her. Now the U.S. Army turns their efforts to converting former citizens to monster soldiers. As Donna, Major Brian, and Dr. Goodman are appalled by the general's plan, the patients get increasingly unstable and of course turn. Now hundreds of werewolves attack the U.S. Army at Ward's Island and flock to the bridges and subways and into Manhattan. Now the president (Bill Duke) wants to nuke New York (he must be a Republican because New York has several dozens of electoral votes that always go to the Dems.
If New York is nuked will California be next assuring that someday Jeb Bush gets to be president? Will the beautiful Donna and her ability to turn into a wolf be a factor in defeating the U.S. Army plot to create wolf-soldiers? Will Donna and the beautiful Dr. Goodman have a cat-fight (...er...I guess wolf vs. cat fight) over the inept Major Brian? This is an ambitious one and the results for the City of New York will be mixed. For some nice werewolf fun enjoy "Battledogs," directed by Alexander Yellen.

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