Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Paranormal Island, Cocktail with Ghosts

A ghost story featuring a lot of sexy bartenders. The good news, our favorite Scientologist, Tom Cruise, isn't in this film. Even better news...Lance Henriksen is! With a lot of gratuitous beefcake and cheesecake, the scares may seem underwhelming, but 2014's "Paranormal Island" is a fun little ghost story. With tons of booze, some skimpy bikini babes sucking face with hunks, and loud music, let us delve into this story.
There is an Illinois lake with an island in the middle. The island is said to be haunted by a ghostly caretaker. The backstory suggests a feud between bootleggers spurned the haunting. Modern day: over the years hundreds have drowned or gone missing around the lake island. The island is now a wild bar and the locals will tell you to go back ashore as soon as it closes. The nicely tanned, bikini babe Cori (Emily Wolf) should have moved faster as she is dragged off her aroused BF and into the drink by this ghost. Because of the haunting many bartenders quit and three new ones arrive; the very pretty Lori (Sarah Karges), the hunk Jerry (Ben Elliott), and hunk Mike (Randy Wayne). They will join bartender lifer, Ivy (Briana Evigan).
Carl (Henrikesen) the boat taxi captain warns our babes and hunks to get off the island at closing. Uh oh, Ivy's reason for being a career bartender is revealed and it is a sad one. Don't ask how but this team of bartenders and an unfortunate DJ get left on the island after closing. Enter ghosts! The haunting begins as simple, low-key scares. Then the very pretty Lori is dragged to the floor of the lake by the caretaker. Now the survivors are panicked. Not all will fare well, but Ivy's backstory may hold a key to surviving until sun-up and defeating the evil caretaker. As the caretaker endeavors to kill everyone else, the scared hunks and babes desperately try to plot an escape and avoid the malignant specter.
Exactly what did happen to Ivy to cause her to become a permanent fixture on this haunted island? Will Lance Henrikesen save the day and end up with one of the bikini clad bartenders? Will the souls of all the hunks and babes killed by the caretaker have anything to say about the ending to this film? Directed by Marty Murray, the strength of this film is the great looking cast, and the very skimpy bikinis worn by the actresses. For a gratuitous good time, enjoy the light-on-scares "Paranormal Island."


  1. This is a great article. Thank you for the post! :)

  2. Wow, you should be in marketing: Will the souls of all the hunks and babes killed by the caretaker have anything to say about the ending to this film? (very good question, l'm in if it's only to see the bikini babes taunt and flaunt us viewers, great review, again!!)