Friday, March 1, 2019

Psycho Shark, Japanese Bikini Babes in Peril

From Japan we have a film also referred to as "Jaws in Japan." A shark movie...or is it? We can debate that but we can agree that this is a film about large breasted Japanese babes in skimpy bikinis, frolicking in the surf, taking gratuitous showers, and jumping up and down a lot. Oh yeah...the shark? You'll see. The 2009 film is called "Psycho Shark." Gratuitous to the max, this is a weird one. Despite the plethora of cheesecake, we have an ominous and grim story without humor...but definitely containing a lot of Japanese babes in skimpy bikinis, frolicking and showering.
Two of the aforementioned bikini babes, Miki and Mai (Nonami Takizawa and Airi Nakajima) get lost heading to the beach and hitch a ride with Kenji. They end up at a deserted beach resort and are given a video camera by the creepy, blood stained manager, and told to record all their good times. Uh oh...previously, three bikini babes arrived the same way and they all died horribly. But how? As Mai and Miki frolic, take showers, and jump up and down, we see brief clips of the downfall of the three previous babes. Were they eaten by a shark...knifed by a psycho...or something else? At first Mai and Miki are unaware of their predecessors.
Uh oh, Miki finds a video tape made by the three ill-fated beauties...and she watches it. Mai romances Kenji. What Miki sees horrifies her. Meanwhile the two girls shower a lot, jump up and down, and frolic in the surf. They even play to their video camera nicely. Uh oh again, Kenji, the manager, and another guy have collected video tapes and have plans for them. More bad news, the girls are under camera surveillance even in the shower. A shark is alluded to, but is this fish really what Mai and Miki need to worry about? The bouncing and gratuity will not cease even after this turns into a dark horror story.
Will Miki and Mai suffer a similar fate as the three ill-fated babes that preceded them to this resort? Will either Miki or Mai meet a shark or a Norman Bates type figure in one of their gratuitous shower scenes? Just why is someone taping the exploits of the babes (...I know, stupid question) and does that someone have plans for the gals? Oh yeah...what about the shark? Be patient, it will figure big in one of the weirdest endings ever in Japanese Cinema. Directed by John Hijiri, "Psycho Sharks" will appeal to your prurient interests and hose you down with gratuitous cheesecake...enjoy.

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  1. John, he deserves a purple heart for bravery, bikini chicks, I mean big breasted bikini chicks, nice one!!