Thursday, March 21, 2019

Age of Tomorrow, The Asylum and Kelly Hu

For you fans of Syfy Channel films we have one today from Asylum Pictures...2014's "Age of Tomorrow." Okay....this one heads in directions that will surprise, but more importantly it stars Kelly Hu. Kelly Hu is a sultry actress that has made a career of dying horribly. Who can forget her in "Stiletto" when half her face is blown off? We all was such a nice face. She made this film about the same time she made her Viagra ad, but would she fare better in "Age of Tomorrow" than she did in that ad?
What happens when a vicious and efficient alien force descends upon Earth and is met by an equally vicious fighting force of humans? We won't find out in this film, but we will see a pathetic alien race go to war against an incompetent army and equally incompetent band of humans. Enter Kelly Hu as Gordon...NASA's liaison to the army. She brings her spaceship (really) and blasts off for an approaching warship with an inept crew headed by the inept Captain Wheeler (Anthony Marks) serve with him is to die horribly. As the Hawaiian beauty and Wheeler's unit bring the fight to the aliens, the L.A. fire department wages war against the alien probes on Earth.
Fireman Chris (Lane Townsend) heads the resistance here on Earth.  Like serve with Fireman Chris is to die horribly. The aliens, through no fault of their own, seem to be winning. Oh no! Kelly Hu is taken prisoner. What is scary about that is Captain Wheeler will try to rescue her. Now teleported to the alien world,  Kelly Hu is at the mercy of the aliens. As Wheeler manages to get his entire unit decapitated (no easy feat), Kelly Hu is put through torture by her captors. Enter the U.S. Army space force...they are on their way but run out of ammunition in 15 seconds (really).
Will Kelly Hu be saved or die another horrible death? With leaders like Captain Wheeler and Fireman Chris, does the Earth deserve to survive? Can this movie be made with just Kelly Hu, minus the military and fire department...and also leave out the aliens? Don't be fooled, the ending will surprise you. "Age of Tomorrow" is a surprisingly dark film that won't win the "Feel Good Film of the 21st Century Award." Directed by James Kondelik, "Age of Tomorrow" may have you yearning for Kelly Hu's Viagra ad.


  1. Another knockout review, Chris. I adore Kelly Hu and I'm glad you warned me about all the drama and Trauma she will go through. Seriously it sounds like challenging film to watch but a grabber

  2. really must checkout that viagra add, might put things into perspective!!