Thursday, March 7, 2019

Ditch Day Massacre, High Schoolers Shredded

Skipping a school day, not just one class...consequences will abound. In horror films, the consequences will always be of exaggerated proportion to the mis-deed. In fairness to the psycho population, the teens in this film aren't really being punished for skipping school. In fact, the indiscretion committed by a pretty teen may merit the exaggerated can decide that. Hence 2016's "Ditch Day Massacre" (aka "Ditch Day"), directed by Joe Hendrick.
Drunk teen Jenny (Katy Foley) mows down Vick's (Bill Obrest, Jr.) family, killing his wife and little girl. A tangled web is weaved as Jenny's dad (Gregory DePetro) is a police detective and his force covers up her involvement. One year passes and Vick is ready for bloody revenge. He's trained, plotted, and gone increasingly mad. The scarred psycho then strikes...first Jenny's mom and dad. No spoilers here, but he has thought this out and has a more elaborate plan for them than just murder. Now on to Jenny. Unfortunately for three of her buddies, Jenny is skipping school and they congregate at her house for marijuana, beer, and pre-marital deviant sex.
Vick is on them like flies to roadkill. Axe in hand, Vick preps the neighborhood. This will be very unfortunate to Jenny's attractive but frisky neighbor (Lynn Lowry)'ll see. As the teens down some brewskies, break out the sex toys, and engage in carnal relations, Vick attacks. This will be a bloody massacre...but wait! Not everyone will go down. At least, not yet. Vick's master plan is more ominous than just cold-blooded murder. After all, he had a year to think it up. Chainsaws, weed-whackers, and knives will all be involved as will a few more surprises.
Exactly what does Vick have planned for Jenny, other than her demise? Is Jenny Vick's only target on this day of reckoning? Is this film a mere metaphor for the watered down math and reading curricula that eventually do figurative carnage to graduating high school graduates? Okay, maybe not...perhaps this is just a vicious slasher/revenge flick. For a bloody and provocative good time, enjoy "Ditch Day Massacre."

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