Sunday, March 3, 2019

Alien Domicile, Frolic in Area 51

Area there a better plot device for a movie? Okay, maybe a tentacled creature hunting space-babes is a better plot device, but other than that...Area 51 rules. We all know what's going on there...alien autopsies in underground labs...technicians attempting to rebuild alien spacecraft...mad-scientists injecting alien DNA into human test subjects...etc. Hence 2017's "Alien Domicile," directed by Kelly Schwarze.
A military security team combs underground corridors in an Area 51 facility. This won't go alien attacks, decimates the team, and hauls off a very pretty soldier (Victoria Viveiros). What do they want with this woman? I can only use my imagination on that one. Another team (group of schmucks may be a more exact description) wakes from some mysterious stupor. They all are confused. Hanna (Elly Btown) is an auditor, Russell (Michael Monteiro) is a civilian bureaucrat, Lt. Gail Sullivan (Sabrina Cofield) is a military officer (nothing heroic), and Dimitri (Eduard Osipov) is a Russian soldier. Their last memories before waking up make no sense and they soon figure out they are being held in an underground facility.
Uh oh...some have weird neck wound and some have memories of being probed by monster aliens. Double uh oh...Sgt. Pierce (Michael Tushaus), the only survivor from the aforementioned team, arrives in a panic. His recount of what happened isn't a big help, but the group realizes they need to get out of there. That won't be easy as those monster aliens begin hunting them, what's worse...those wounds on the back of their'll see. Now the surviving humans scramble to escape the fiends and make it to the surface, but what will they find if they escape?
Who is running Area or them? Will Hanna and Lt. Sullivan suffer the same unknown fate as that pretty soldier from the opening scene? How about those neck wounds...did the aliens do something to them? Low budget but a very neat story explain the exact undertakings going on in Area 51. You may disagree, but I loved the rubber-suited aliens and the ending was terrific and thought provoking.


  1. one helllva review, the tentacle monster, wonderful to have say in a novel by the reviewer

  2. I'm gonna watch this PURELY cuz I'm a sucker for murky Area 51 X Files style paranoia even if it is prolly all bs in real life! Very nice review Christopher & thanks for the heads up on it:)