Monday, March 25, 2019

Dark Breed, Alien Parasites Come to Earth

Infected Astronauts...Infected Astronettes...Slimy Alien Fiends...Rocket Launchers...Mad Scientists...Sultry Military Women (they'll all die horribly)...and Jack Scalia as our square-jawed hero.  Who could ask for anything more? Doesn't matter, we'll get much more in 1996's "Dark Breed." This sci-fi/horror film will give us plenty of action and gore and we'll overlook its faults as plenty of elongated car chases and gunfights will cure all imperfections.
A space shuttle crew is infected with an alien parasite that takes over their bodies. Five of them have the dark breed parasite and desire to kill. The thing crash lands back on Earth and Cpt. Nick (Scalia) is assigned to find the crew. Uh oh...his bosses are a covert U.S. Air Force unit who know what has escaped from the shuttle wreckage. The search for the things doesn't go well as the monsters in the astronaut bodies kill anything coming near them. Good news...Nick's ex-wife Deborah (Donna W. Scott) is one of the astronauts...and she has a good alien inside her. Deborah and her good alien seek to destroy the bad aliens before they hatch their eggs and take over the planet.
The military units now hunt all the infected astronauts seeking to cultivate them for weapons purposes. Nick and his crew seek to stop them and kill the bad aliens. Nick will team up with the sultry USAF doctor, Marian (Robin Curtis), which means this beauty will die horribly. Finally Nick finds his ex-wife and the alien that possesses her. Deborah and the alien then take the opportunity to tell Nick what an awful husband he was. Women! Despite their nagging and whining, Nick and his crew...or what's left of the crew...set out for a final attack on the evil parasite aliens. This will be difficult as the USAF is also on their way and would rather wipe out Nick and his team than the aliens.
Will the dark breed of aliens prevail and infest the entire planet? Are all women throughout the universe nagging whiners...or are all men pigs? If successful, will Nick get Deborah back...does he even want her back? I left so much out of the plot summary as this is an ambitious and action-packed film with lots of explosions and alien-things jumping out of human bodies scenes. For a great Friday night date film that will leave you and your date arguing about are men pigs or are women whiners, see "Dark Breed," directed by Richard Pepin.

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  1. This review was verging on comedy hour, gotta love it, when your joking begins in earnest!!!