Saturday, March 23, 2019

Shrieker, The Horrors of University Housing

What a scam by the American university system. These institutions of higher learning know they can charge anything they want for tuition and if you can't afford it...well, the government steps in and provides you with loan money to be paid to these universities. Then...on top of that, if you want to live there...another 10-20 thousand bucks for a half closet infested with cockroaches and bed bugs. However, in Full Moon Entertainment's 1998 classic "Shrieker," we find out that alternatives to this scam may be deadly.
Yeah, yeah, yeah...alchemists conjure up a  monster to protect the secrets of Satan (who among us hasn't done something similar?). Decades ago a local hospital was shut down after a massacre in which the culprit was described as a shrieking fiend. Abandoned, six college students who can't afford campus housing become squatters and move into the condemned building. Clark (Tanya Dempsey) is the newest one and invited in by Zak (Jamie Gannon) who desires pre-marital sex with her. Others include the hottest Communist on any college campus Tanya (Alison Cuffe), another babe (Jenya Lano) and two more hunks (Parry Shen and Chris Boyd). Unaware of the building's history, the six squatters are alarmed when shrieking starts emanating from the basement and weird symbols begin appearing on the floor.
Uh oh...someone else is living in the building in secret in that basement. Uh oh again, the shrieker materializes and begins hunting. One by one the handsome and beautiful begin to be shredded. The squatters begin to blame the nubile Clark, as she is the newest one and no one knows much about her. Tanya is mad and ticks off everyone by threatening to leave. The Communist babe is cut down when told by a hunk, "You want to go help the workers? Then go f**k one." Classic! She'll be shredded. As the shrieker moves through attractive college students like crap through a goose, Clark must solve a macabre mystery in order to find out how to stop the fiend and prevent her new squatting-mates from stringing her up.
Is Communist-Tanya's vicious death a sign that Full Moon Entertainment has sold out to "The Man" and the bourgeois to the detriment of the workers?  Can Clark convince her college mates she isn't conjuring up evil? Is this film a plea by Full Moon Entertainment to the American higher education system to stop systematically killing (metaphorically, of course) college students with debt and shoddy housing? A great looking cast and scary creature enhance this Agatha Christie type story making "Shrieker" (directed by David DeCoteau) a neat horror film.


  1. Got to be an intriguing one, education is overrated, I do most of my learning on youtube, the only tuition fee is an internet connection, homage to premarital sex!!

  2. Nice review mate & thanks for the heads up, never heard of this one & am kinda partial to Full Moon (Love Eliminators!) so I'll definitely be checking this one out, thanks again for the tip on it:)

  3. Great review, Chris! on my list noe:)