Monday, March 11, 2019

Creep, The Skank in the Subway...With a Monster

She's a skank! Or is she? First impressions are often cruel and way off base. Sure...she has a revealing bright yellow party dress on. She has also donned some high-high heels and fishnets. Her walk just screams, "I want pre-marital sex!" In a male dominated British society, perhaps the cultural norms have forced her into this masquerade. Nothing like mutant, cannibalistic monsters to bring out one's true identity. Hence 2004's "Creep."
Kate (Franka Potente) is the aforementioned skank. She's working a party and every guy there wants to have pre-marital sex with her. The men-folk there aren't good enough for her and she departs in an effort to find George Clooney and have pre-marital sex with him. Bad idea. She takes the subway but because of her inebriated condition, falls asleep and misses the last train. She is now locked in the subway which has closed for the night. Uh oh...a train comes by...but how? Stupidly she gets on not knowing the crew has all had their throats ripped out. Also getting on is an admirer from the party (Vas Blackwood). He will try to rape her but will fall short when a monster pulls him off of Kate and shreds him.
Now Kate has sobered up and realizes her would-be rapist isn't her biggest concern. As the creature boards the train, she runs off. Now Kate is pursued through the subway tunnels of London by a mutant icky thing. She'll meet potential allies, such as a benign homeless couple. None of her potential allies will fare well as the monster has laid claim to Kate the party girl. As the fiend closes in Kate makes some horrific discoveries and what lurks in the subway may have a grotesque backstory that will play in a very gory manner into the plot.
Will Kate show us that she is not the skank we originally thought, and turn hero? What is the mutant cannibal thing that pursues her and what does he want with Kate? Is "Creep" a mere metaphor of how London public transportation de-humanizes the workers of a once great city, turning them into drones to be eaten by creatures? This is a gory one which will have you turning your head from the screen. Directed by Christopher Smith, enjoy "Creep," and never take public transportation again.


  1. Oh, love this line: Her walk just screams, "I want pre-marital sex!"

  2. I would love to meet that skank, she might just save us from ourselves